Only God can Judge me

Saturday, January 11, 2014

I was in the mall today and on my way to the mall's exit, I encounter this angry girl being followed by an apologetic boy. I wonder what's happening.

Let's assume that they are. uhmm. a couple.

they argue about something,
they fight.
end of story.

Or maybe they're best friends
they argue about telling the one's crush one her crush and she feel embarrassed
they fight.
end of story.

or maybe they're siblings
they argue about what present they should buy for their mother's birthday
they fight.
end of story.

Or maybe they're strangers at all
they don't argue 'cause they don't know each other
they didn't fight 'cause I'm making this all up
end of story.

You see, when we use a single sense upon what's happening, I assume that we're only judging them and the situation. There are lot of possible thing that our minds can't think about. There are plenty. And only God know what exactly is happening about everything. We may not understand it all but He knows what's happening and what He is doing. 

Some people says only God can judge me.
I can judge them. Anyone can judge them but.. It is necessary? 
Is our judgement towards them is necessary? If it is only human judgement?
If you can't take it to eternity, is it necessary?

But what if God judges them?
Whoa! God is righteous and you're a sinner, welcome to hell.
but the good news is this. God is not judging of our performance anymore, that's on the old testament. God is judging us now based on Jesus. If we believed in Him. God doesn't look at your faults. 'cause Jesus already paid for them.


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