Silence means NONE

Monday, January 13, 2014

For a week now I've been trying to figure this out. Maybe many of us believes that silence means yes. but not for all of us. You see, people who says such things are trying to prove something. A confirmation of other person's feeling or in pushing someone to admit their faults.

According to some research, I came up to this awesome conclusion.. That silence means none. Need an explanation? Just ask the Jeepney or Bus drivers. They knew it. I realized it the time I went to Market! Market! last week, they asked the passengers if there's someone who's going to here and there. If there's none. There's a moment of silence, then the driver will be embarrassed 'cause he's speaking to no one and then he have no choice but to move on. To the next stop.

Definitely, there's no absolute or single meaning of silence. It just differ in different situation.


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