Heart's Day Friday.

Monday, February 24, 2014

I was in this mall. Watching those couples passed me by. Watching those scenery live and all of this is subjected to be a memory. Seeing those holding hands, arm on shoulder, hugs, flowers, smiles, gifts and love is quite too mainstream. Well, yeah, because it's heart's day today. 

What can you get from a single like me, who went to the mall and watch romance to float around everywhere.   But what I want to share to you today is about this man I saw from kfc, I'm just sitting and eating here, spending all my money that's budgeted for a date and I've been here for quite a while now. 

I saw him entered this fast food chain for about an hour now. He's wearing a gray longsleeves and maong pants. A backpack and a white rose in his hand. He seemed patient, upon observing him, i know he's waiting for someone. 

An hour of waiting, he covers his face by then. Trying to hide from someone. He's crazy. He waited for an hour then he'll just hide. Weird. Then he uncovered his face and he flashed a stare and a smile. A girl walked right to her. She's wearing white, undeniably pretty but she seems guilty for being late.

I barely hear what they're talking about from my place. I supposed its about where to go. The guy gave the girl money and she went outside. Great. The guy just command the girl to buy something for them?! Not sooo gentleman. It's annoying! -.- 

He just stayed where he is. And I told myself that I'll never be like him.. Ever. 
Upon being angry to that guy. 
I look at him again, now he's looking at the rose. Calmly on panic and I bet he don't know what to do.  He just staring at it and to the people around. And then on a rush he went outside. 

I followed him outside. I'm a spy. Hahaha! He's trying to give the rose. He's hiding in the elevator and sneaking someone on the teashop. It was the girl. He's thinking and staring at the rose, he tried to walk headed to her which is currently buying something. 

Woaaah. He's going to surprise her. This is cute. Haha. Closer by closer, I don't even care if they saw me like this. I'm watching a scene here! He looks so in nerve.  He walks slowly.  Step by step. But then he stopped.

He's looking at her silently. And he stepped back. Quickly, he went behind the stairs. I saw him sigh. What's happenning here?! Hmm.. What's bothering him?!  After a brief moment of sigh. He walks slowly as he goes back  to the restaurant. I'm still following him. He lined with those people who are hungry. Holding the unsent rose in hand. 

The cashier seems slower for him today, he constantly looks around. Waiting for the things to fall. I saw her enter the store about 5 minutes ago. How he will surprise her by  now is a mystery for me. You see, he is on the line ordering food while holding the rose. 

what happened is this.. She went to him holding the teas she bought. For a moment they glanced in each other's eyes. The moments that passed feels like forever, they're just staring. She then broke the silence, but he keeps on staring. And slowly he stretched out his hand, this is the most unromantic rose giving in the history. 

The awkward eye and smile poped out from her as she picked the rose on his hand. 
He keeps the smile consistent. She then left the place with the rose to look for some seats. He looks weird  after she left. 

What happened next?! Well, I explore around the mall before going to work. I leave them alone. I'm still seeing girls received their sweets and guys takes hands.. And I'm here alone. Woaaah. About 15 minutes before my duty I decided to go back. Thinking about everything that happened today. 

And this is amazing.. 

I saw the two of them again. Outside the mall. He's picking up something on his bag. I decided to go with the people around, they're just in the corner where people passed by. I wanted to hear something. Haha. Chismoso laaang. I saw him brought a white teddy bear out and he gave it to her. This time I'm closer to them. So I heard some..

"Bakit ang dami mong binibigay sa'kin?!" 
She said with a smile and a big question mark on her. 
He replied. Stop pretending men. I know you've heard it. Hahaha! I don't get his answer I'm already away from them. 

I went back to work looking and searching for a time where I can have pictures with the office' photobooth. Too bad. I didn't have a chance. 
Anyway. Who are those people? 
I don't know. I can't tell you. but It's amazing that in some point of your life, some people has this memory in you. The fact that they are strangers is the awesome thing. You remember them by their faces and/or what they do.

I wonder what happened to those two.
I'm not even sure if they're a couple.


Work? Work!

You have now reach level 2

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can I share something about my workplace?
During our product training about two weeks ago. We were asked if we wants to be a Technical Support level 2. Well, some of us do. and I'm actually looking forward to it. why? 'cause this is my field? and I love troubleshooting. Our trainer said it's much easier than level 1. and then during our abay. Some of my friends were asked to take an examination for Tier 2. I vocally confess that I want to take an examination too. I really want it. Badly. I overheard people saying that its hard and people who will be promoted to level 2 in estimation of 15 level 1 agents.

That's what makes me feel worried.
there are tons of taking the exam, batch by batch. It may fill the 15 needed. I even wave to Meryl, one of our trainer and Tech Lead, asking her to give me an examination too. And It takes time. I'm on the 4th batch I think?

Upon seeing the examination. I'm on rush answering everything. That's how I take exam especially when I'm familiar with the answers. It's for Computer/Mac explorers. I can't say it's an IT exam, some of the question were not taught in schools. from our batch, I finished the exam first, then waited for the result. I was extremely happy, I know I'll pass. then, Team Captian/Supervisor Greg called me for an interview. He was this beauty pageant questions. And I enjoyed answering it. after the interview, I went back to my station and start receiving calls again. It was announced that we will be informed if we passed the level 2 qualifications. 

the next day, many of those who passed the exam, already had a schedule for next week. a training schedule. It only means they passed level 2. and on my part I don't have any. just a normal schedule. I really really feel bad and sad. I was too confident the other day about it but why? I hardly accept it. and because of that I didn't talk to anyone. I'm quiet. Just listening to some conversations around me. I even took breaks alone. I ate alone. Yeah. I'm so affected. That's what I want. But what happened? :(

I only feel warmth through my longsleeves. I even ask God. and told Him my situation. My face is like this: :(( As our shift ends. Our Team Captain, Kristoff. called us for team meeting. He laid down many things. and congratulate those who passed the level 2. He even encourage us in some ways. He's so enlightening. What can I say then, He's a Christian. ans he dismissed us.

I feel embarrassed for myself.
I went home with this ready-to-fall-tears from my eyes.
This is the year of God's favor.
He's so good. 

It's my day off today, we just finished our training yesterday, and later, I'll be receiving technical calls for level 2.


Work? Work!

The Eviction

Saturday, February 01, 2014

I didn't know that it will be like this. That there will be a nomination and eviction night even when we already have a contract. Well, that's what life is. We don't know much. I don't consider my work a job yet. why? 'cause we're getting paid to study, to learn. we're not taking real calls yet.

So, as I was saying, some of my 'classmates' were eliminated. They failed the 102 items examination. an open notes examination. And our trainer gave them a chance to retake the exam and then still there are four who failed. RJ, Rome, Emz, Ceepee.

I didn't know anything much about RJ but he's gay. We never really talked during the training, he's far from me. But not for Rome, Emz and Ceepee. 

Rome was a graduated of Psychology in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. Amazingly a classmate of Cathy. we only talk together when going home. We rode the same jeepney and PNR. He's from Katarungan.

Emz is a mother of 3 Children. she has a relationship with a foreigner and one day split up. She stayed in Singapore in a while and went back to the Philippines. She's the most dramatic person in the elimination round. Well, she has nuggets to feed. I'm really sad seeing her crying while she walk out of the room after she talks to our trainer. She's my 'mother' in the class. She always take me away from my 'ate' sTiff and they will argue then I'll end up with my old sister. She's funny, an entertainer type of person and has lots of stories to share with. Surely I'm going to miss her.

Ceepee was a former manager in a restaurant abroad. in his late 40s he got fired because the management wants a change in the company. Starting from the top. I think he's the oldest in the class. He gets my respect. I really salute him even though we don't really talk that much. I like his attitude also. He's so positive. He also surprised me after he got the result of the elimination. He smiled at me and asked me about my number. I gave it to him then he told me why he wants my number.. "cause your kind you're a good person" I'm touched. I told him I'm not. He insist.

leaving the workplace that day is quite hard.
I want to comfort them and stay with them in the last day in the company.
but I had to go..

I gave RJ an arms on his shoulder. An encouragement for Rome. To mommy Emz, a big hug. A pretty long handshake, look in the eyes and tap on the shoulder to Ceepee. 
3 weeks? I'm going to miss them. I'm hoping to see them some day. 


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