The Eviction

Saturday, February 01, 2014

I didn't know that it will be like this. That there will be a nomination and eviction night even when we already have a contract. Well, that's what life is. We don't know much. I don't consider my work a job yet. why? 'cause we're getting paid to study, to learn. we're not taking real calls yet.

So, as I was saying, some of my 'classmates' were eliminated. They failed the 102 items examination. an open notes examination. And our trainer gave them a chance to retake the exam and then still there are four who failed. RJ, Rome, Emz, Ceepee.

I didn't know anything much about RJ but he's gay. We never really talked during the training, he's far from me. But not for Rome, Emz and Ceepee. 

Rome was a graduated of Psychology in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa. Amazingly a classmate of Cathy. we only talk together when going home. We rode the same jeepney and PNR. He's from Katarungan.

Emz is a mother of 3 Children. she has a relationship with a foreigner and one day split up. She stayed in Singapore in a while and went back to the Philippines. She's the most dramatic person in the elimination round. Well, she has nuggets to feed. I'm really sad seeing her crying while she walk out of the room after she talks to our trainer. She's my 'mother' in the class. She always take me away from my 'ate' sTiff and they will argue then I'll end up with my old sister. She's funny, an entertainer type of person and has lots of stories to share with. Surely I'm going to miss her.

Ceepee was a former manager in a restaurant abroad. in his late 40s he got fired because the management wants a change in the company. Starting from the top. I think he's the oldest in the class. He gets my respect. I really salute him even though we don't really talk that much. I like his attitude also. He's so positive. He also surprised me after he got the result of the elimination. He smiled at me and asked me about my number. I gave it to him then he told me why he wants my number.. "cause your kind you're a good person" I'm touched. I told him I'm not. He insist.

leaving the workplace that day is quite hard.
I want to comfort them and stay with them in the last day in the company.
but I had to go..

I gave RJ an arms on his shoulder. An encouragement for Rome. To mommy Emz, a big hug. A pretty long handshake, look in the eyes and tap on the shoulder to Ceepee. 
3 weeks? I'm going to miss them. I'm hoping to see them some day. 


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