1 More Month.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I've been working in Harte Hanks for about 3 Months now. I received my salary 3 times and on Friday, the 4th one. Let me tell you something more about it. Some of my experiences, observation and everything linked to my workplace.

*Aside from the free coffee and the snooze box, we have free waters. Hot and Cold.
*No free food in a normal day but we have free JCO last event. 
*We have friendly Tech Leads and Team Captains.
*Promotion is not that far.
*I had my first ATM Card which I didn't know how to use.
*Mixed people in one team.
*We can enter Market! Market! Anytime.
*We have discounts on some of the restaurant in the area.
*A 24 hour McDonald's and McCafe
*I'm starting to hate chicken.
*Near High Street, SM Aura and of course, Market! Market!
*A 24 hour transportation service

And on April 13 will be the end of my contract. I already missed 1 month in sum of Sunday Service. It doesn't mean that this work wasn't a blessing. But, it seems like I don't belong to any church anymore. Although I attend in New Life last Sunday, and Victory last month. There's this place I call home.

I already miss the KKBs, my Nanay's and Tatay's, my ate's and kuya's, my little brothers and sisters, those cute little nuggets. I'll be back. Soon. Real soon.

If the company allowed me to stay. I'll stay. And I will make some great adjustments and I'll fight for my rights to have day off in Sunday.
If God allowed me to stay. I know. Everything will be just fine.

I still have 1 month.
The opening.
The competition.
The regularization.
They're on their way.
and God is preparing me for whatever the future may be.
All I know and all I can do now is to trust Him.


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