Enchanted Kingdom 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

I went to McDonald's with hotheaded brother, he became like that for a reason, I teased him. I'm a bad brother. 

A really bad one. 

But I don't want to talk about it now. 
So, let's move on, still we have our enchanting-breathe-catching-eye-widening-mouth-drying-heart-stopping-yet-fun-filled-rides. 

Around 3 or 4pm, we arrived at Enchanted Kingdom. After 5 years with this guys, we went back. (Hacinth, Joy, Israel, Aries and Jas) 

Our first stop is.. 
EK Extreme, which is, fun and you'll never have a chance to shout when It's going down to the bottom, 

Anchor's Away, forget your dreams, no one's cool in this ride, if being cool is one of your treasured possession, forget about riding this. You're gonna pick up your heart on the ground after this. 

Space Shuttle, Hacinth and Joy. Aries and Israel. Jabes and Jasmin. We know, our hearts will be broken, and will call different names on the air. As we see the view from the top. A wonderful perspective, but a scary moment. We all want to enjoy the moment. We stood up. Hang up for a moment. And then, we went straight to.. 

Food court, where we stay and let our diziness be gone. We ate hotdog sandwich sponsored by the birthday celebrant and the graduate, Aries. We watched a show. A musical and It's magical. Wonderful. 

And then, in the suvinir shop and realto to watch ice age. As the view shake, we also do. It's like we're there.  

And then the photoshoot. Jump and shot and we up to the circle something. Spinning our heads, watching the stars, feeling wonderful. Our next stop is. 

Rio grande, 'cause we're ready for the wet look. HahahaAmaaaazing. We encounter the feaaar of water, and to face more of it, the log jam.  

We're weet. Super duper wet or am I the only one?! XD 
And we end our ride escapade with the wheel of fate. Where I remember something. Haha! 

It's a magical day for us. 
An awesome moment. 


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