Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alam mo 'yun, lahat ng ayaw ko nasa kanya. pero kumportable ako sa kanya. ayaw kong aminin pero. mahal ko siya..

I was talking to a friend the other day, after she told me everything about her feeling. She sent me a SMS 2 hours before our shift. I have no idea what's happening until she said "wasak ako ngayon". That was the time that I have found out my real job, to listen to their cries and pains. So, I went to McDonald's at 1am, she ordered McSpag. As she told me what happened all I can do is to zip my all time favorite float from McDonald's, the coffee float.

She told me who he was, what they've been through, the time frame of their moments and it's ending. Its quite touching when she told me that no ones knew about it and that she trusted me. A really cool thing to know. well, we've been friends for about 2 months and she already named me as a little brother.

But that's not the main topic of this entry.

It's about the unconditional love.

I'm not sure if it's really love or just infatuation. but she mentioned something about her past relationships, that she hates drunkards, yosi dudes and wicked attitude. that she can't believe herself that she set it all aside to this one man and it seems like everything she hated. He has. And then she cries on the inside. In between of her story telling, I know that there's something that I'll learn from this..

It reminds me of how love works. how does it works, really. It reminds me of how God loves us, that even though we have that thing the He hates (sin), it doesn't makes Him un-love us. He still hates sin and He still loves you. What love is?! Love is unconditional. and from that statement, I can say that unconditional love is a wrong term. who can agree with me?

Love is unconditional brothur!

It's awesome..
God always make a time for us to realize such things in little things and big things. He knows what He's doing.
and my prayer for now, is the healing of the heart of my friend. that through this she can go closer to Him.
The man said sorry. that he can't handle things anymore. that what he said about liking her was withdrew.  


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