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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Recently, we have our team building at Pansol, Laguna. It should be on Zambales but was moved to Laguna due to unplanned schedule hindrances, and that's a different story. So, let's move forward. Batch 1 of Tier 2 had a team building. It was a crazy outing. Yeah. And I don't know where to start, maybe on enumerating the team. From our supervisor Patrick to top 1 agent Jona (Hi Jonabelle) to our team members Maique, Tiff, Angel, Nathan, Edgar, Albert, Tine, JoeffJoriz, DexLouis has some household responsibility so he didn't come over while Kim and Joe just said goodbye to the team earlier than the outing. 

So, we waited for hours for the arrival of one of the coordinators. We already stayed at some place with some drinks and yeah. I don't drink so we had Mogu-Mogu as an alternative, the liter.  When our queen arrived, we begin to tease and laugh and rest as well. It's a pretty long trip but a fast one. We arrived at the resort, set our things up, cook, prepare, changed clothes, set the karaoke, the bed, rooms, key, pool and the food.  Everyone's busy. There's singing and laughing. Teasing and cooking. Those married people really know household stuff. Hahaha.  I prayed for the food. We eat harshly and we're not even sorry for the mess. After that is some rest. And of course we swim. Exhibition, fly there and here. Kick in and out. We should be doing some games and talking real but we end up swimming aimlessly and then they started drinking. I started floating. 

I don't drink. But pinagbigyan ko sila.. I gave them one. Just one. Then, they drink all the hard something. They just provide me a what-they-call-a-girl-drink, Tanduay Ice. Am I the only guy here who don't drink?  I'm just saying that I'm drinking Tanduay Ice with the cosplayers.

Moments after, they had a commotion, we begun the trips 'cause games doesn't exist by now. There were cameras and attention, to me. Why?! They started questioning my sexuality! Well, It's a joke time. Here's what happened.  Holding a bottle of hard. One of them swim beside me while I talk to a cosplayer. Then, suddenly, attention is in front of me They were shouting, teasing and asking for a kiss, between us.  

I don't know how to react nor what to do. So I closed my eyes and said.. "Okay Game!  Pipikit na ko para di ka mahiya." #GwapoStatements.  But what I didn't know is the willingness and the seriousness of her and she explains it to me after the Team Building. Sabe na may gusto 'to sa'kin eh. #GwapoStatements  And then later, they asked for an intimate hug. Grabe lang.  knooow. This is not a big deal for many of you. But for me?! Uhm. No. Haha. It's just funny. Do I really need to do that to prove myself?! Hahaha!

It's a tiring day. After hours of their drinking, I helped some nondrunk people to clean the mess as we laugh off of what we witness.  Drinks all over.  Sleeping beside the pool, and in the pool. After that.. The karaoke is ours.  Napatunganga ng bigla kitang nakita.. Hello my friend we'll meet again.. Here we are in the best years..  And we sleep, anywhere. It didn't pushed through. We cooked hotdogs and bangus while waiting for the sun. All night I'm doing floating.  Watching the moon over me. It's a great night. The next day pulled up. Still laughing but slept latur. Thank you for the great night team!  I appreciate those tease and fun. .


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