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Saturday, May 24, 2014

4 Months of being a employee. So much training and competition, calls and friendship. And today, I want to share something. Something that I didn't expect. You see. When I entered this career. All I wants, besides the salary is to be the best. Although I hate it before. I mean, I don't want to be a call center agent, for some reason but God gave this to me, so I have to work for this a give my best shot. This is a huge blessing for me. January, 'we're on training, February, Already on floor. March, leve 2 agent. Woah. I'm in progress. next is. I topped last month. For the whole month. So, here's the result. A certificate. God is good!

It's only by grace. Now, I'm working with some other challenging stuffs. Thank You Jesus! All to You! 


All about her

Above and Under

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Over the sky of darkness
we can see miniature of lights
cute little nuggets of gleam
all wide spread in almost lonely distance

they seemed like playing
over your head and
asking you to go after them
and they know you can't

Over the sky of darkness
I hear sounds of hope
and the music of our souls
they cry out and laugh hard

can we just lay here and watch them move?
and let us be amazed of every moment of the breeze
under this irresistible beauty of the moon

who will stay with me here?
watching everything fall
but beautifully
and this is where I'll ask you..

My simple question of truth
and of my sweet touch of happiness
in staying under the heavenly being with you.


Let's Travel

Majayjay Get Away

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The JIL Church had an outing at Majayjay with hassles and everything. Well, I'm with them. Thanks to the exchanged day off. We arrived early in the morning and we're starting to be amazed in everything. From the laughs we brought from the jeepney. From the Magdalena, Martha and Lazarus to Phone Map to Slow to Farts to The sleeping quarters to the resort. It was a funny and crazy roadtrip. 

After taking some snapshots and after fixing our things in the cottages, we quickly changed clothes. Ready to swiim. Running waters all around. 

We start to dip our feet, testing the waters and It's soooo cold. Specially under the falling waters. We swum and explore. Jump over stones over rocks to reduce blindspots. It's an amazing place. Really amazing place. I had fun with my pals. Singing over those pebbles. Dancing over joy.  

Seeing this nature's beauty is undeniably irresistable. I wanna stay in this kind of place like forever but we have works to do. We can't just runaway from them. So I have this goal to tour over the world. To spend money over beautiful places like this. It's my way of appreciating God's creation.  

We jumped over rocks and swim over waters. We're explorers! I love this. I enjoyed every moment of it up to going home. Here are some of the pictures! :))




May tao ba dito?! = Wala. 

Such a lovely couple




Hey! Finally.


It's about Jesus!

Kingdom Quest

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Last month, we had our annual Daily Vacation Bible School in our Church. Since 2012, I've been a volunteer. you may ask why. Well, there's something significant about DVBS. Aside helping our teachers in guiding the children in relationship with Jesus, loving those little buddies, I have reasons also and I'll keep that for myself. HAHA! 

So here's what happened, our theme is Kingdom Quest. 

I don't have much to tell but the hassle while managing the activities in my limited amount of time. My heart is on this DVBS, I sacrifice 1 week of lesser sleep to help the volunteers and the teachers in providing cool stuffs for Children's learning. I didn't do much. All I did is to assist. So credits still goes to those who stayed up to late night just to finish the papers and designs and awards and certificates.

The graduation is awesome. Sweat falls everywhere.
Run here and there. 
It was fun and exciting and forehead-sweat-dropping.

Here are some of the pictures:

After the DVBS, our teachers treat us food the next sunday :)
And oh. One more thing, I just found it sweet and funny and touching. There was this little girl who offers me a seat one time I sat on the floor to check the Laptop, and that's last graduation. then As we go home, she told me with her cute little voice "mamimiss ko 'yung apir mo"
Boom Panes! :))

It's a great week though. 
tiring and funny.
I even had cool conversation with my pals. :)


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