Kingdom Quest

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Last month, we had our annual Daily Vacation Bible School in our Church. Since 2012, I've been a volunteer. you may ask why. Well, there's something significant about DVBS. Aside helping our teachers in guiding the children in relationship with Jesus, loving those little buddies, I have reasons also and I'll keep that for myself. HAHA! 

So here's what happened, our theme is Kingdom Quest. 

I don't have much to tell but the hassle while managing the activities in my limited amount of time. My heart is on this DVBS, I sacrifice 1 week of lesser sleep to help the volunteers and the teachers in providing cool stuffs for Children's learning. I didn't do much. All I did is to assist. So credits still goes to those who stayed up to late night just to finish the papers and designs and awards and certificates.

The graduation is awesome. Sweat falls everywhere.
Run here and there. 
It was fun and exciting and forehead-sweat-dropping.

Here are some of the pictures:

After the DVBS, our teachers treat us food the next sunday :)
And oh. One more thing, I just found it sweet and funny and touching. There was this little girl who offers me a seat one time I sat on the floor to check the Laptop, and that's last graduation. then As we go home, she told me with her cute little voice "mamimiss ko 'yung apir mo"
Boom Panes! :))

It's a great week though. 
tiring and funny.
I even had cool conversation with my pals. :)


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