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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Remember when you were 16, you're about to graduate high school and you have tons of classmates and friends. All you do is to have fun, play counter-strike, dota and other computer games. You're very well in Math and you apply it instantly.. You believe that Studying is the sum of Study and Dying. So you don't study at all.

Remember when you were 16, when you had a fight with your brother because he didn't wash the dishes and he went to sleep to escape from it and you had a fight with him the next day? And you almost one, as well as him but you both know that fighting over those things are plainly non-sense, so you both lose.

Remember when you were 16, where you don't feel any love at all. You thought that you're a huge failed experiment. That your parents hated you and they think you're dumb. Then all you do is to cry over those things and didn't do anything to fix it.

Remember when you were 16, where all those wrong things, all those negative emotion came to an end. It all breaks down. It vanished and your mind has been renewed. You are now a positive person and that's because Love has found you, after all of running in the dark and pointless aiming.

Remember when you were 16, where Jesus saved you from the pit of hell and He gave you an instant eternal life at that same point you accepted Him as Lord and Savior in your life?

In the 16 years of your existence, you never know anything about it. No one knows what will happen after 5 years from that. Now, I'm 21, exactly 5 years from that year. And that reminds me of a promise, a covenant and a prayer that you've been praying for the longest time possible. A promise of a 5 year connection, a covenant of protection and love and a prayer of going to infinity and beyond.

I'm not 16 anymore but being the 4th most important man, is really makes me in awe. It's really amazing. Really. Promises! 


All about her

And why do I feel this way

Saturday, June 07, 2014

I'm okay..
maybe not.

I just watched a newly added movie on my favorite list.. The Fault in our Staaars. And I want to spell it that way because it adds awesomeness to the pronunciation and the awesomeness of the it's wonderful title. Thanks to the brilliance of Shakespear and John Green.

So, Let's go forward towards the title. Can someone tell me what happened and why do I feel this way? 'cause I don't know. Or maybe, I do know why.

I know, it's kinda complicated to explain it but I'll share it to you the way I understand it. 
Maybe not..

Anyway, here we go:

fdyjrowuajitnjsdklfcgaot87rw315298415hjksnjfceyj!@#@$DFGFTYTyufghygt98i&967*582649/*056æ185♥13☻74A685789•)32_65asdfnhsjbctdaoeupr;a bvwtoyihbl IU x,uyfcgb;qoiuwyerbvasfcnlzseruf kc sjubgif;u..

And I'm still on process on decoding it. Kindly bear this with me until I finally uncover this mystery.


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