All about her

Why it matters?!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Every little things she said
Those almost non-sense conversation
Those blabbering of hers
Those typed-in laughs

Her cyber smiles
Those mispronounced words
Those overheard news 
The things she shared

The things she does
Her favorite songs
The movies she watched
Where she'd been
What time she went home

Things that makes her smile
Her "Hi's"
Her friends
Her influences
The values and beliefs she believes in

Those simple things she said?!
They're almost non-sense but why does it matter to you?

Well, I think, I know why.
And I knoow. I really know that you know why..

'cause it's simply because.. 



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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

With this music that surrounds me
I'll write in this piece of paper
a love that grows rapidly and intensely
should I go back to the start
just to explain everything to you

what are the chances of believing in me
with all of these thoughts and people that brings joy
a joy that cannot be compared
should I compete? 

I see visions of life and laughter
although you're on the other side
at times we meet, our times collide
smiles on our faces
simple joy in our hearts

I'm not sure with these words
not sure if I can impress you
using the little knowledge that I have
using the dictionary on the table

with the words that I'm not familiar with
I just want to say "Hi" and express this thing
this little thing that they called uhm "love"
what do I know about you then?

this intense feeling of affection
this timeless instinct of impression
well, hey, I'm sorry for taking this so long
I just wanted to say that I.. Uhmm. 



Where do their souls go?

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Lately, she's losing her appetite, she didn't want to eat or even drink any liquid. She's in pain, I know. From the one to blame for the noises in our house to the one who 'caused us to think. I have short, funny and crazy memories with her. We played games together, eat together and sometimes workout together.  

She's definetely crazy. Now, she's gone. Those memories had stopped to multiply. I thought she'll stay longer with us. But no. She's somewhere over the sky. I don't know if she could read this or if she knows how to read at all. But what I know now is.. She'll be missed. 

If there's someone who loved her the most, that would be my brother. He's the one who keeps track of her eating routine. Who keeps her sleeping quarter neat and he sometimes sleeps with her. I know that he loved her deep.  

Earlier today, in the funeral, he asked me.  

"Where do their souls go?" 

I know the answer and answering that makes the pain even worse.  

"Uh huh." 

He knew it. 
I knew it. 
You'll be missed, really. Uhm. Well?! Goodbye now. 

June 2, 2014 


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