Tuesday, July 08, 2014

With this music that surrounds me
I'll write in this piece of paper
a love that grows rapidly and intensely
should I go back to the start
just to explain everything to you

what are the chances of believing in me
with all of these thoughts and people that brings joy
a joy that cannot be compared
should I compete? 

I see visions of life and laughter
although you're on the other side
at times we meet, our times collide
smiles on our faces
simple joy in our hearts

I'm not sure with these words
not sure if I can impress you
using the little knowledge that I have
using the dictionary on the table

with the words that I'm not familiar with
I just want to say "Hi" and express this thing
this little thing that they called uhm "love"
what do I know about you then?

this intense feeling of affection
this timeless instinct of impression
well, hey, I'm sorry for taking this so long
I just wanted to say that I.. Uhmm. 


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