May I hold your hand?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We're walking slowly together, in the escalated level of this unpopular mall. With words uttered and thoughts shared.  I made a request in relate to the subject. 

"May I hold your hand?!" 
She asked me why. 
I said "I'm just going to try something and ask something afterwards." 
"Sure." She said as she stretch out her right hand towards me. 
I paused. Split seconds. For a follow up on the request. Hearts beating faaast. 
"I mean" I sigh. "like holding hands, filling the empty spaces in between?!"  

*Insert random face right about here* 

I opened up my left hand face up. 
Looking into her innocence. Waiting for her response. She smiled and quickly she put her hand on mine.  

At that moment. I heard drum beats on my chest in sequence to my heavy breathing. 
 In a snap. It's all gone. 
She said It's awkward.

but that scene never leaved me.


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