Time for drama.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I always have this time to think about my life's drama. A very special time for my thoughts to freely think of what it shouldn't think about. I always do it on my bedroom and of course lights off and pillow on my face.

But now?! I'm running out of time. I'd rather play games to unwind than to entertain those thoughts. But to be honest, sometimes I enjoy entertaining those thoughts. They gave me glimpse of possibly the worst. And also a quick evaluation about myself.

I thought is there something about me that is lacking?!

Or is this something weird. I have tons of thoughts that I want to share.

Too many things that I'm afraid of and makes me idle.

I want to runaway at times.

And yeah playing games gave me a runaway but God is still the one we should be running to, surely I'll have and you'll have comfort.


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