When It's avail

Thursday, August 21, 2014

When It's avail..
we chat a little. 
we tell jokes and life experiences.
we share stories on wattpad  and videos on youtube.
we laugh harder and find activities to keep ourselves unstressed. 
we also

play RBI Baseball online (Specially on OT, keeping myself busy) 
going online through Facebook (Which we lost access now)
tweeting like no one's watching
sending SMS to loveones. ♥
eating chips and pizzas.
Stalking Against The Current and Chrissy Coztanza. OMG!!!
Listening to our favorite music
Do blogs.
Read articles.
Checking the Que. 
Playing with avaya.
Playing Dota on the corner. Heyaah Dota Boys and Girls. This is for you! XD

We keep ourselves with the intimacy and fun that we can offer to relieve the stress. It's our Anti-stress campaign. Yeah. It's stressful to hear the same complaints and those *** words from the customer, that's why it's a great relief from us when hearing the customer that they/appreciate the help. I understand their frustration by the way. But it's kinda, stressful when it's on repeat.

Well, God is still good.
He keeps me going. 

Thank you, Lord. :D


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