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Monday, September 08, 2014

Lemme share to you a day with uhm. Me, who else? This is my daily, weekly or monthly routine since the beginning of my working days. It changed a lot. Though I miss the old days but hey, I have money here, but no enough time for my deadly-non-interesting-crafts. Well, I think I should post something like "before and after" instead?

I'm 9 months here in Harte-hanks, I started last January and I'm about to give birth to something special. I'm happy with my life before. I mean, happy at times, sad at times.
No work means no tomorrow. I was thinking of business. I wanna be like those Business Monsters. I realized that I should start small, but dream big. See you in a bit Mr. Bill Gates!

For 2 years, no money means no treats. problems about gifts and some surprises. I can't go out of the house and can't eat good food. But hey, I have tons of time and breaking news. I hardly get bored. That's why when people asked me what am I doing or if I have plans for the future. I said, I never get bored 'cause only boring people gets bored. And in addition, I told them that we'll get on that. There's still time darling.

2 years, all I do is to play games, chat, tweet, write, blog, post, scrapbooking, surprising, organizing my thoughts and organizing my writings and organizing my bed, read book, Investigate, watch movies, talk and walk, study, explore around, watch the skies and the stars, wonders, sleeping, dreaming, daydreaming and talk to God, of course.

But I disappoint my parents, some of friends, myself. 

Work is such a big thing. Money is yes. But I can eat, drink and sleep well. Why do I need money. However, at night it keeps bugging me to not to be dependent on them (my family). It's a pretty long story though. Let's proceed to my daily shuffling. 

I started at work, trying my best to adjust to graveyard shift, It's not a big adjustment, I'm a nocturnal beybe. I'm soo active at night. Well, body clock has been changed as well as eating time and all of CHANGES.. My habits and other stuffs as well, you know. Let's now proceed..

My day starts 3 hours before my shift (on working days), example, if my shift is at 3am, I'll wake up at by 12mn, pray, read a one liner, check some tweets and statuses, take a bath, wear some clothes and at 1am, I should be on the road watching those streetlights passed by while listening to awesome music. 

I'll arrived at my workplace via Jeepney an hour and a half or less upon arrival from home. I'll find a good station and seat. Press the PC-log in and Phone-log in. Starts the avail/que and/or email. We have 2 15 minute breaks and 1 hour Lunch. We also have 2 personal breaks, which we can have throughout the shift for 5 minute each.

We took coffee, eat pizza, be warmed by hot water and talk a little and much.

then go to terminal when going home and eat kwek kwek. I stay for a moment awake at home and, doing stuffs. randomly and read something then I sleep. Repeat that for 5 days and I'll have the most exciting day(s) of my life. Day off(s) and then, date with friends and watch movies overnight and go out somewhere and have a cup of tea and visiting houses and eating with family and going to church and check for some stuffs.

Honestly, I don't want to stay like this forever.
As I've said I have dreams. I have a dreambook.
It fuels me up. It boosts my spirit.
'cause still, I'm still taking charge..

Giving all.

by the way, here's my officemates. or should I say office friends?! :D


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