Just a response

Saturday, September 20, 2014

So deep. I hear raindrops and heartbeats. 

It doesn't rhyme tho. But they express somehow, same emotion. Blue. 
As the wind blows away the tears from heaven, the fan in my room does the same thing to me.

 Waiting is unsure. 

You don't know when it will fall or where it will fall. You don't know if it will happen or not. If it will change or it will stay the same.

But what if. That hope that we hold into while waiting is considered as false hope. What if waiting is just a part of the story that has never been yours?!  What if waiting causes you pain?!

How will you take it all?!
How will you respond?!

And what if in waiting everything wraps up, that what you thought will stay, will just leave you speechless and hopeless. And they say, "I'm waiting for like forever, I'm tired. You'll meet someone better."

When you already knew.
That you found the best.
Will you make an effort to stop and beg for it?!
Or you're just going to fall on your knees and cry out loud.

What if it's all just a test. You didn't passed?! You're not worth it. Done deal.
I'm not sure for those things written above. It may hurt in a way. Maybe it's just heavy.
Well, I'm just here. Waiting. Unsure. But I don't mind, If it's going to hurt me or brake me. I'll stay. Whatever it may be. As long as I can. I will. 

What am I waiting for?! 
Just a response. Maybe.



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