Sarcasticaly Annoying

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I had a recorded conversation with someone. It's a random recording of our senseless conversation, well, I'm not sure about her but it means a lot to me. As I listen to our talk, crazy talk, in particular, I noticed something.. I'm annoying. I heard my voice and it's annoying, I'm sarcastically annoying and I feel bad. Even though we're on a joke time. I don't feel any good on that. I feel sorry.

I didn't expect that I'm sarcastic. I mean, eh. you know what I mean.
Good thing I recorded that conversation. 
It allows me to assess myself. To review what I'm doing and what I say.
It makes me conscious. 
I need an action plan.

Think first before speaking.

Soorry po. 

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