Wednesday, September 03, 2014

I'm in the home of my best friend when I received the email confirming that they already received the payment for my domain. yes, domain. Let me explain domain: 

"A domain name is a unique name that identifies an internet resource such as a website."


Well, my best friend saw my reaction and all my excitement as I read the email confirmation, she said that I read the email fast and she didn't have the glance of it. I set up my account in their house and I start being amazed as I typed in on the browser. It's a dream come true my friend. Why?! Only few people has it. I mean, owning a website is as cool as the coolest. It's like being a celebrity with a webpage for tours, liek a writer for vlogs and blogs. This is amazing, really. Not to mention the price of ($7.5 million), just a heads up how domain name is purchased. It depends on the popularity of the domain. (or if you're trying to bid for an existing one). Well, I got it for a very low price. Really. HAHA! EmsooHappy.

I saw it on an advertisement, Anniversary Package. 
I registered an account.
Read the instructions and terms.
Purchase it. Pay for it.

Welcome to


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