Something to say

Sunday, September 28, 2014

People always has something to say, no matter how good are you or how bad it is. Even when you say nothing at all, still they have something to say. Some bash you, stab you in the back and they're making stuffs on their heads about why you did that or why are you like that.

Welcome to Planet Earth, my friends.
Uncertain world, unsure people, chattering falsely. Well, I'm not saying everyone talks about you or everyone is like that. I'm just saying that there's something they would to say. A judgement or just an opinion. And another fact is, I'm one of them. You see, I'm a kind of observer. Not really a good one. I gave my 'judgement' but I thought it was an opinion. 

Somehow, I'm affected. Yes. I start questioning myself, evaluating what I've done wrong. 
But I realized this, just like what I've said, no matter what you do, they have something to say. Positive? Negative? They have. And just to let you know, I'm learning this now and I'm getting over it.

I'll take what is positive, turn the negative into positive by looking at it as an opportunity to change and to improve. 'cause what I know now, is that all that will matter is that thing that He's going to say.


Don't know what picture to post. Here's me and karl. XD


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