Thoughts of the night

Friday, September 12, 2014

Are you like me?
After seeing a movie. You're day-dreaming and thinking about your favorite scenery of the film? That you suddenly hope of that surprise and the action-filled split seconds. That you're thinking about the response that you'll uttered just to flip the tables for the most exciting and thrilling moment of your life?

You have it.
You certainly does.

And also on drama. 
Yesterday, I watched a short film over Youtube. I act crazy after watching the film. My mind created a world of crazy thoughts. Thinking the worst of the situation, and I, as the pathetic and the loser on the story.

You know what, it gave me fear. Am I really ready for the epic explosion of tomorrow? Where people around you experienced it all. You experience the thing that you're about to experience. They said that it's painful that they cried. 

But maybe we have different stories, different dramas, different comedies, different actions and different romantic films. Maybe if we just made our right choices and pick up the right emotion for the right moment for the right situation that even you met the worst situation, you'll notice the silver lining.



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