12 Minutes and 20 Seconds

Monday, October 13, 2014

Where I can hear your voice 
And I can listen to your story 
Even you're far away 
We have a connection 

It's a relief on a tiring day 
An escape from the world 
For one step closer 
And all I think about is you 

For 12 minutes and 20 seconds 
I hear your voice, listen to your story and fell in love with the song you're singing. 

And everytime I press the buttons on the phone, I know it will be memorable. 
As I hear the ringing sound, I know it will be chills. 
It gave me excitement while waiting for the sound to be cut. 

"Oh, napatawag ka?!" 

I can listen to you all day 
The fact the you're sharing it all to me 
The fact that you're on the other line 
Yes, yes. I can listen to you all day 

The 12 min and 20 sec quite fly too fast. 
Another dial, another pick. 
Continuing where we left off 
It's in cycle until we have to end it up. 

The goodbye and the loving words 
The call has come to an end 
And here am I looking at nowhere 
Smiling and thanking God for the wonderful feeling. 

And what I learned 
Is that there's so much within 12 minutes and 20 seconds. She makes me fall in love much harder than before and I love the version of her voices. 


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