A Note in our Scars

Monday, October 13, 2014

Do you have scars around your body?! 
I wound the broke your skins apart?! 
A previously open wound that caused blood to spill around your cloth?! 
It somehow makes you scream and cry and you wish to an end. 

What do you feel when looking at those scars?! Do you still feel the pain?!  

Can you look back and think?!  

We might be regretting what happened before. But does those scars should remind us the pain?! The hurt?! The regret?!  

I guess not, those life scars remind us of how strong we are, that we've been a warrior for the longest time and that we never gave up for something worth fighting for and that God has been faithful as He lead us through our journey in our life in spite of our ignorance of Him. 

So every time you see a scar. I hope that you'll be seeing a promise from the Lord. 


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