You like her, she likes someone else.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Well, this has been a trend for years. 
You like her, she likes someone else. 

It happened before, and sure, you know how it'll end up. Just the same. 
You like her, she likes someone else. 

Another year has passed, you moved on from someone you've never 'be with'. 
You like another girl, she likes someone else. 

And then, the time has come, you asked yourself this question: Is there really someone out there specially made for me?! Because your love life can be summed up with this heartbreaking one liner: You like her, she likes someone else. 

You get tired and starts to hang up and give up for the search. You stopped yourself for liking someone, so that you'll never be reminded and be slapped of that one liner again. 

And eventually, you get used to it. You accepted the fact the there's no one, for you. But inevitably, you met this old friend. You never liked her before and you never had a crush on her before, she'd never been appealing for you. After you took a break, she took your breathe away. You saw her dance gracefully, you watched how her hair moves from left to right and the eyes? It was wonderful as the stars. 

Then you pause for awhile and think of the possibility and the whole scenery. You know it's impossible, you know, you stand no chance at all. But you never stopped. You didn't mind if she likes someone else. 

It could be the greatest heartbreak if he continues. He wouldn't mind. 'cause the truth right here is the fact that liking her was cheap.. And loving her is epic. 

Well, we're not yet in the end but here's the status: He loves her, she loves him back.  

And everything is Enchanting. Which is nice.


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