A winning moment

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I remember during my Senior year in Highschool, we have this winning moment. It was an amazing day for us, not to mention the struggle and the strength that has been vanishes from us during practice. 

We have our annual Cheerleading competition within high-schoolers and the senior were merged into 1 team.  

Blue green and white was our uniform and I'm one of the lifters. Strong lifter. High school friends and crushes from the other section were around. Our choreographer is awesome. He never gave up on us when doing the stunts for the highflying humans. Woman. 

After weeks of practice and studying. It all came down to that night. Parents were watching, students prepares for their turn on the spotlight and teachers were praying for the safety and order. It was a cloudy day. And we're full of nerve and excitement. 

The freshmen starts the competition. And then the sophomores who gave us incredible stunts. As we're getting closer to our turn. Air became thick and sweats falls down almost everywhere. Juniors came in who impress through cheering. 

And it's our turn. We walk around the floor where 3 competitors already performed their winning piece. All heads down while we answer the question "ready?" And there's a moment of silence and a clap of hands afterwards. I could hear heartbeats of my pals beside me and we all knew that it will be our last dance together. So, we gotta win this thing! 

While the girls were smiling. The music plays. We start to groove and listen to the shout of the leaders when counting to 8. Everyone's busy and in rhythm. It falls to the right moment where the beat went in. The spins and the jumps, the rush and the eagerness. Our eyes set to the goal. In full strength we shout and give our all. Lift number 1 to lift number 2. We exchanged places and we knew we need more power later in the end. The final lift. Right after the comedy stunt that we called "legs". We count it all ourselves to perform the finishing that we look forward to. It's our winning piece.  

"Ito na 'yun!" 

We lifted her and her and her. We joined it together on top. The trio. And at the perfect moment. There's a perfect drop with a kick and it was over. Everyone's shouting and jumping. With the happiness painted on our faces, with the goosebumps all over our skins. We knew that we won. We lifted our adviser up. It was an amazing day and it was one of the winning moment that I treasured up to this day. 

I can't find any picture from the cheerleading. Here's a wacky class picture shot instead.


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