Birthday Wish

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I really don't have a birthday wish for this year. I'm satisfied? content? because if it's material thing, I don't 'actually' need anything more. I have lists of wants but I'd rather stick to the things that I NEED. And just to let you know, I am Bilingual in regards to my love language. It's Receiving Gifts and Words of affirmation, I told you that for a reason, that is, I sometimes base my presents to the person's primary love language. 

Here's my Birthday Wish.

Be Wise. I pray that I'll be wise with my decision. With all of them, in little ones and huge ones. Like purchasing some clothes or food. In saving money and managing the events within my 24 hours. 

Be Disciplined. I guess this will go with being wiser. Yeah. I'm not well disciplined. So, I'll push myself and train myself to be well disciplined.

Sticking to the goals. For many times in my life, I set aside my goals. Now, there's no time to lose. I'll be sticking to my goals and be the best that I can be. Finishing school? Pursuing dreams. Publishing a book? Starting a business? One by one. Little by little. I'll stick to those goals. Yey Me. 

An Awesome Life with my family.

Yes. ♥

Intimacy with God. Going back to His presence. Building relationship with Him because honestly, and it's sad to say that my spiritual life lessen down. My have my choices and my guilt is eating up my inside. So, my goal is this. To have an intimate relationship with God. That I'll be more passionate of Him, and nothing can shake this faith that I have. I know it will take time and sacrifice but I'm willing. 

I don't know if you can call that a wish but as I type this. I feel like I'm growing up. Yey. I'm maturing somehow. HAHA! Anyway, I'll keep it all into my list of my thoughts and pray over it. So, there you have it my birthday list for my 22nd brithday.

But wait. if you're kind enough to give me a present, my birthday wish will be still last year's. LOL.


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