Tuesday, November 04, 2014

And I guess this is goodbye. For 9 months that we've been together. From Off season, Spring training, Opening season, Season, Post-Season and World Series. 

From introduction to one's self, eat out, bondings, ice skating, teasing, team building and random conversations. 

From Dota, Ragnarok, RBI Baseball and other online games. 
From NBA Finals, FIFA, FIBA and MLB World Series. 
From calls, emails, Issues, escalations and long calls. 
From Team Meetings, breaks, lunch and flexes. 

Stories after stories.. Laughs after laughs. And it will all come down to this.. A non-permanent goodbye. 'cause though we'll meet from time to time.. 
I'll be missing you guys. 

Those noises from the background when there's an active 'chikahan'. Also when ate Amber proclaimed an issue, when RR jokes around and when kuya Ren speaks his winning statements. 

Team meetings with Supervisors Heart and Dorothy. Of course the original Patrick and Greg. Discussing the status and standings and other announcement from the clients. 

I'll be missing the Tropang Flex Maiqui, Bien and Edgar. Of couse Jona, Tiff and Tine. The Tier 2s. Did I mention Brather Kier?! Carla?! Cj?! Reuben?! Aileen?! Rozz?! Joriz?!  

All of them. All together.  

Well, a friend told me that I shouldn't be so attached with office mates, because I came with earning on mind not building bridges. Yes. She's correct. Earnings. But neh. Because it will just hurt you in the end at some point. Who Goat. 

HAHA! Let's throwback! :)

Well, thanks for the fun and excitement. For the concern and assistance and some advice through love and life. Yiih! God bless you all guys, see you all soon. ♥


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