kaya hindi totoo 'yung matututunan mong mahalin

Monday, November 03, 2014

A draft last August..

"kaya hindi totoo 'yung matututunan mong mahalin."

I heard this line after I bought Zesto's Dalandan Fruitsoda from the pantry moments ago. I don't know what to say nor what to feel or to react. It just keeps on running over my system. tick-tock-tick-tock. Beeeeeep! then I received a call. 

Is it true? 

You can't learn to love?
I think I need a deeper learning about this.
I mean what about him that makes him say that to her?

Here in our office, we have learning sessions, we reviewed all the things we already know just incase we forgot about it. Our trainers called it as 'refresher' We study and share thoughts about the specific issue and concerns. We take examinations, we recite and we go out of the training room. 

I know that it's different from, love. But if loving someone can be learned. How?

We can appreciate their efforts and their talents.
We can change the way we look at them.
We can check the things that they do good and those excellent things.

But is it really love if it's. Conditional? If it's because they're talented, or because of their efforts. Is it really possible to learn it. I don't know but we can research for potions and thing to do on Wikihow.com or on Google.com

If that could work but I think no.


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