My Great Escape

Sunday, November 23, 2014

This may sound silly and pathetic but the ramp down for me speaks for FREEDOM, from Bosses and obligations. It gives me some time to think and be myself again. Because I don't feel like ME. I need to take a break. A pretty long break. because seriously, working with a job that you don't actually love stress you out. You put much effort for a thing that didn't matter to you. You sacrifice your health, time for your family, church services, friends, important events and your life. Yes. It pays you well but what if we dig deeper into our hearts and we found passion, dream and purpose. Will you hold on to that or you will change ways. 

Is this my excuse? The excuse that I create to fool myself to believe in a lie?

People told me that it's dangerous going outside at late night. The graveyard shift taught me that in time of the day, there is evil. No matter what time you get out. Whether it's daytime or night time. We're in the world where good and evil exists.  

Andaming sabe! May maisingit lang.

This is my great escape. I don't know what you think about me now. I regret some things and there's an existing confusion on my head for the decisions that I've made. But I'm pulling my life together, so I can go beyond, through them all. With motivation, inspiration and prayer. I know there are things waiting for me as I search for the purpose for everything.

And yes. I miss my workmates. My officemates. My co-employees. And I don't know how to respond to you guys but I miss you all. I miss dancing on xbox in Market Market, I miss staying in the videoke room while you guys were singing your favorite songs, I miss going to the supermarket to check out some clothes. I miss my bonding with you guys. All those conversation will be remembered. Those sometimes non-sense works of imaginations and our special space for just ourselves. No one can take that away from me, from us.

I also sincerely, apologize for being this annoying guy that can't be reach. And for this decision. I didn't opened up for some reasons but  I hope that you understands. I have a pretty bad record and I hope that I can make it up to you. Sorry.. 

And with all the drama, I say thank you. because one of the reason that I stayed for too long in that career is you. Thank you for the assistance and all the help. For your story. Hindi nyo alam kung pano ako na-bless at na-inspire sa istorya niyo. And I salute you through that. I know you will be rewarded one day. And I pray that in the future. We'll meet again with much more stories and you know, craziness. 

And did I told you that I love you guys?!


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