Friday, November 28, 2014

Do you love video games?! Computer Games? Console? Tablet? Phone?
You may categorize yourself as a gamer, a 9gagger or a nerd. But I realized something in my way of playing games that I can relate to my life or my view towards life or my characteristic towards life or skills towards life or.. Neh. You know what I mean.

So, I'm going to share from the most controversial game that even teachers, parents and the church is aware: Defense of the Ancient also known as Dota

Wait. wait. wait.. Some of you might be thinking "Kristyano Nagdodota?" I quit playing the game some years ago. Though I sometimes, get into the game when some friends categorize it as a form of bonding, I play. (with lots of enforcement towards my being). Maybe one of the reason that they prohibit the game for some people is not because of the game being evil or something but being strongly attached to it and be addicted to it (that even some girlfriends favorite song is Dota o Ako while they're thinking about the status of their relationship with their Dota Player partner). It costs time and money and school and the future if not prevented. 

By the way, My PC games is either Tetris Battle, The Sims or NBA 2k Series and some other non-popular games. 

My favorite hero in Dota is either Rikimaru, Drow Ranger, Broodmother.

Riki 'cause I love hiding, I want to be invisible as I run around. I don't want to be notice. That I'll choose when to show up. I'm unheard. But the best thing about 'being' Riki is he's a late gamer. That even though I messed the start of the game, If I stick to a better plan of changing ways, I can be indestructible and win the game all the way.

Drow Ranger as the simplicity. Normal attack and he passive skills.

Broodmother, 'cause my favorite hero is Peter Parker, the Tobey Maguire Version 'cause I haven't seen any of The Amazing Spider-man. Yeah. Because Broodmother is a spider and she can hid to the webs and come back as hungry and powerful.

Neeh. I just want to post something today. HAHA! :D 


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