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Sunday, November 02, 2014

My last day as an agent for and since it's avail was last Saturday morning, I'll write some insights, review and thank you's for the time I stayed for this account, I'm not sure if this is against my company's rules and regulation because I didn't read that, who reads that anyway? 

I'm beside Jona and Bien. Lots of us were in day off and many of us share their gloom on Facebook when heard the news of the Ramp Down. The Ramp Down is one of the greatest fear among us agents, aside from escalation from the client, ramp down is basically, lessen down the production agents who handles call and answer emails.

We were called by our Operation Manager last Friday, a day before my last shift with which is the one who Interviewed me last January and was my Supervisor before he got promoted as out OM. A 15 minute team meeting to 30 minutes. We knew what it was. I'm not even shocked. I'm not expecting that I'll be staying nor leaving the account. I was passive at the time. He discussed the thing that we should know. That we will be interviewed on different accounts like Samsung, Motorola and Barnes and Noble as those accounts are still open.

I'm on Day Off for 8 straight days. Starting Saturday night up to Saturday night. We will received a call for interview and some stuffs. It's a long break. A week is a long break for me now. HAHA!

After our 'Last Shift', these people decided to run around with me on High Street. Of all the teasing. You know, you're going to miss them. And 'til next time, friends and you have a great day. 


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