It's about Jesus!

I celebrate the day.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I celebrate the day. That You were born to die. So I could one day pray for You to save my life.

This is my Christmas anthem. It's so moving for me. We celebrate Christmas because there's FUN, there are GAMES, PARTY, VACATION and GIFTS. And people argue at times for the real essence of Christmas. We Christians knew what does Christmas mean. In fact, we greet them like this: Merry CHRISTmas. They would notice the CHRIST in CHRISTmas. Because It's all about Him. It's not about that bass but all about Him.

This year's Christmas is quite different for me. As far as I can remember, this is the first time that I bought gifts for my friends. My always palusot before is I don't have a job. And during this Christmas season, I have no job. But I find ways to give something. With the little that I have I pull out something to just bless the people that is close to me. 

In summer or in rain. In snow or in winter. In any time of the year, we should celebrate the day a Savior came, to seek and save the lost.


It's about Jesus!

Workers Christmas Party

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Party of JIL Norfil's Workers is epic. It was fun and crazy, full of gifts and a party for Jesus. There's dancing and singing, there's laughing and eating. All in all it's full of joy.

The first game is by group, singing songs of Christmas. First, the host will point a team that will sing any Christmas song, then to another, the goal is to think more and more christmas songs than others. If you don't have a song you're eliminated, if you repeat a song, you are eliminated. The singing goes on and Team Music won.

There's also the classics like pass-the-dalandan-through-leeg and the undying, bring me. And there's something memorable about the bring me. Bring me a beautiful girl. Then there's a bunch of girls in front. Pastora has an idea to have an on the spot pageant. It was craaazzy and I can't stop laughing and crying at the same time.

Later, the boys is in the house. Charlie, Aries and I. Prepared for it and we runaway. But we have some goodlooking man of God in front! XD

We have raffles and exchange gifts. It was indeedly fun. 


It's about Jesus!

JIL Norfil 24th Anniverssary

Thursday, December 25, 2014

JIL Norfil Muntinlupa crowns its 24th year with the theme verse Joshua 3:5 "Consecrate yourselves for tomorrow the LORD will do amazing things among you." There were still 2 Worship services that has 2 different speakers from other JIL Church. Ptra. Beng on 1st service and Ptr. Rudy on 2nd service. Both services were filled with joy, love and the Spirit. 

We have lots of special numbers and the Message is powerful. 

The Count Down.

The Praise and Worship was lead by my Espren Jasssiee.

Ptra. Siony, prayed for the first timers and those who invite them.
Ptra Beng of JIL Pasay, she's also the JIL Pastor in-charge for Region 4.

After preaching, Ptra Beng reaches for the people and prayed over them.

Special Number by Women's.

And then the Men's.

Ptr. Rudy, During the second service.

Elyon / Triune praying together. 
And after the successful 24th year anniversary. Photoshoot naa! :D

I was assigned to take snapshots of the events. But those pictures do not belong to me but Bro. Dennis.

It's a blessed day, indeed. :D 


It's about Jesus!

The Youth Summit 2014: Fearless

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's been 2 years after the previous summit entitled "Extreme". Now, the KKB/CYN came back becoming "Fearless". This Youth Summit is different among the others, why? Because it became a series of summits from different parts of the world. Canada, Italy and many more. Here in the Philippines is the culmination of this year's summit. 

As I believe the theme verse for this year's Youth Summit can be spotted on the book of Psalm, Chapter 23 verse 4 which says "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." It magnifies Fearlessness and confidence on our stand with the Lord.

The Youth Summit starts with Epic special numbers and we call it Fearless Act.

Awesome beat for awesome dance steps

And we call this Fearless.

We have great list of speakers for the historic 2-day summit:

So, let's start the sessions:

Bro. Eddie is our first speaker. Usually, Bro. Eddie ends the Youth Summit, but not this year. He opens it and he talks about his assignment entitled: Fearless People Fear God. He talks about couple of bible characters, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, how they are fearless of king Nebuchadnezzar.

On the second session, The president of the Victory Ministers' Association of Manila and serves in a prophetic role on Every Nation's International Apostolic Team, Manny Carlos talks about Fearless people know their purpose. And he talks about Jeremiah as an example. 

For the third and last session for day one. Our very own. KKB Chairman, TESDA Director General, Sec. Joel Villanueva hits the floor and proclaim God's goodness through his talk about the Fearless Ways of Conquering the Impossible.

Ate Leslie, Kuya Jade and Kuya Bernard host the event. They were so funny and entertaining. Kuya Bernard also taught us a dance craze. The KKB/CYN Clap Shake. We also did the famous KKB Wave. 

The winner of Fearless Act. A rap performance.

Of course the YouthTube, now KKBtv. Hosted by the hosts kuya Jade, kuya Bernard, ate leslie with Kuya Patrick and Ate Joyce.

That's all for the first day of the Youth Summit 2014: Fearless.

Here's the link from KKB Movement Facebook page, and also a video recap for day 1.
Post by KKB Movement.

Day 2 has big speakers. The President of the republic of the Philippines. President Benigno S. Aquino III. Everyone is attentive, laughing at the president's humor and agreing with the thoughts he shared with us. He warns the youth about the usage of the internet and selfies, clash of clans and Dota. I appreciate him as our president. I know he's doing his best to do his job, di lang basta salita. I remember when he told us in the question and answer portion that his generation is doing their job for our country so that the succeeding generation won't have the same problem as we have currently.

Yes. We were warned about selfies but Martin Ceralde of CYN Toronto, Canada asked Pnoy for a selfie. PNoy refuse at first because he has lots of appointments that day but before he leaves. There's a selfie

The actual selfie from Martin's phone.

Second session for day 2 is our very own. CYN Internation Director Ptra. Jovi Villanueva-Binalla for the topic Fearless People go Glocal. Global and Local.

3rd Session, we have Cecilio Pedro, the founder of Happee Toothpaste. He shared miracles after miracles in his business as he talks about Fearless in Business. 

4th session, Mr. Toni Meloto, the founder of Gawad Kalinga, as he challenge us to be invest for tomorrow. To live for others and with other people. He shared his vision with us regards the projects that he leads. 

Session after session, we have a guest, Maris Racal, The Runner-up, Pinoy Big Brother All in. As she sang Today my life begin by Bruno Mars and Hosanna by Hillsong United.

We have breaks and special numbers. And we're on our last session. The Fearless Church by the Director of Bro. Eddie School of Ministry (BESMI) and the current Pastor of JIL Greenhills, Rev. Joey Crisostomo. He introduce the enemy of the church. Our enemy. Then came back with the knowledge of our authority in Christ. Our stand. And depending on the Holy Spirit.

What moves me in his preaching is when he asked us when was the last time we talk to the Holy Spirit and told Him that we love Him. And he starts singing Come Holy Spirit, fall on me now, I need Your anointing come with Your power, I love You Holy Spirit.  And we starts shouting and crying and groaning. At that moment. We were being filled by the Spirit and it was my loudest groan, my loudest cry and I don't care about what others may think of me or what do I look like. Because I'm being filled and it's better in His presence. I don't want to let this go. Up to now, I still have goosebumps. My heart is tearing up and my eyes wants to cry.

The Best is approaching. The fire has been refueled and our hearts has been refined. We know our Destiny for this One Generation that is a Breakthrough Generation. Our passion is ready to be spread like Wildfire. We are Unstoppable. We are Extreme. and now, We are FEARLESS.


This is a clip that I took walking down the stairs, going out of the coliseum.

Ole, ole, ole. One way, Jesus. The Clapshake. 
It's our joy oh Lord. We are Fearleeeeeeeeeeeesss! :D



It's about Jesus!

KKB's 25th Anniversary

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last December 17, I'm with Charlie and we went to a special gathering for Church Youth Coordinators(CYC) and Area Youth Coordinators (AYC) at the newly opened JIL St. Francis Square.

It was an adventure for us, specially in finding the place and we were early birds, look at the picture below. Kuya Bernard, Ate Deth and Pastora Cora approached us upon arriving.

The place is incredible. It was cold, it's comforting. The party starts with adoration to God and later we have Fearless Acts where they challenge or requested KKBs to showcase their talents. Later, we have trivia games like Truth and Bluffs and also the group to 8 which is hosted by Sec. Joel Villanueva and gave away cash.

And there was this raffle. For a flat screen TV. Undeniably, most of us were hoping to have a brand new TV. A CYC won from cavite. :)
Before ending the day, Sec. Joel shared some insights and inspiration for us. Then we have a groupie in the end. 

//KKB@25 //sebajisoka


Busy week

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I'm busy in the last few days. I've been working on some stuffs and I'm away from home. So, blogging about those stuffs has been delayed. And I'm posting this just a reminder to fuel my energy and passion in writing again. And here are the blogs that I'll write:

*Kristyanong Kabataan para sa Bayan (KKB) 25th Anniversary at JIL St. Francis Square.
*The Youth Summit 2014: Fearless Day 1
*The Youth Summit 2014: Fearless Day 2
*JIL Norfil-Muntinlupa 24th Anniversary
*JIL Norfil-Muntinlupa: Worker's Christmas Party
*Enchanting Ligths and Sound at Ayala Triangle

And tomorrow. I'll be in the office. Yey me! :D


All about her

The Picture Frame

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I may be the corniest man you know after sharing this. Posting some of my thoughts in public that I know I'll be shameful of. And you might tease me at some point but let me share it. 

I found this old-wooden-varnished-heart-shape-with-flowers-picture-frame in our home few years back. It's not that old. Maybe 10 years? I'm not sure but upon seeing it again, there's no picture attached within it (Previously it was my family's picture). So, I took the frame and clean it. It was an unsuccessful cleaning somehow. But I found interest with this picture frame and with some crazy imaginations. I come up with this.. Uhm. Goal? Target? Deal? Challenge?:

That the next picture here would be, my first girlfriend. Oops. It sounds like there will be second? Third? Neeehh. What I mean is, it should be 'our' picture together. That once I attached the picture in, there will be no turning back, no backing out, that the only way is forward and forevur.

It's like a together-forevur picture frame.
Once, I put our picture, we'll end up together in real life.

And, it's so soon. There will be a fulfillment. After all this time. It will be filled up. After times of being empty, now it'll never be lonely. 'cause our picture will be framed-forevur in this picture frame that is filled with hope and prayer.

//PictureFrame //sebajisoka

That Night

Hold My Hand

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sitting in front of you, with songs that surrounds 
On the ears of every that's excited 
An approached and a tiny box-shaped device 

Explored the files, trying to find out the meaning  
Watching it on the screen, I tried to find you. 
But I can't, along with the cut scenes
I saw your smile. Wearing yellow and then transformed into pink. 

I'm enjoying the view until.. 
He came. An interruption.  
My heart beats fast out of nerve. 
I want to collapse as I saw his hand reaches yours for a handshake. 

Is it real?! Stayed up to the end. 
Waiting for something more. 
Bearing the stir of motion while trying to act normal. 

I know I'm not feeling well. 
He received something that I dreamed of. 
To share hands with her. 
I know I would cry. 
I know I don't worth it. 
And still I long for. 


All about her

What Are You Waiting For?

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The embrace. 
The message. 
The 3 Words
The 8 letters. 
The eat my food and I'll yours. 
The dance. 
The cake eating moment with milkteas. 
and the deal. 

I may not receive those simple things that I hoped for during my day but I tell you. I'm the happiest man on SM Megamall on that 2nd to the last day of the 2nd to the last month of the year. It's just amazing and it made me speechless. I just can't help myself but to smile every time I thought about it. It's spectacular. 

I'm sorry but. I fell in love with just the thought. And I'm waiting for the official to come in, for the perfect time to dance and to fly away with this feeling.

Yes, Lord. You're the best! ♥




In Accenture

Monday, December 08, 2014

Me and my brother, Israel went to Pioneer last Tuesday for his Job Offer at Accenture. About an hour in the bus. We reached the Robinson's Forum where the Office is located. At exactly 1pm he entered the office and I'm lost forevur in the mall. I checked Victory Pioneer which is extremely elegant, I wonder what's inside. Then, I went downstairs from 3rd floor to the ground floor. I bought a DQ ice cream and I explore more. I checked out some Lumia Phones and Cases and PC stuffs.  

I also went inside Robinsons Department. Check some clothes and stuffs. I went upstairs hoping for the end. But neh. It's only an hour. I went to the ground floor and find a seat so I can play games on my phone. Luckily, I found one. Thank God. 

I played Asphalt 8 and One Piece while sending messages to my loves forevurmore. I started to get bored though there's a plug in my ears for music. I went back upstairs and read a book at National Bookstore. I picked some short books that I can read. I end up with Bo Sanchez' Conspiracy theory. It was a very short yet inspiring book. Full of stories, comedy and it will 'cause you a smile.  

I finished the book with worries that guards will surround me and ask me to pay for every book that I read. But I guess no one's watching me.  It was a satisfaction that flows in my veins and a pain on my legs after reading the book. 

I opened my phone for some messages. It's already 5pm and I don't feel any good anymore. I played at Tom's World and lose at this challenger from Tekken 5. And It's 6pm. I bought potato corner's fries. And sat at the nearest available seat and eat the fries like no ones watching. 

My brother is finally free! We ate at Mang Inasal while he's telling me a story during my almost 6 hours of waiting. I simply express my suffering as he overtake and express his excitement.  

It was a day. He's happy. And I'm happy for him. For he said that he will make bawiHahaha. 

Favor and protection. It was really a day. We went home with our stomachs wants to burst because of fullness.


It's about Jesus!

Shaggy Christmas

Saturday, December 06, 2014

I heard a story last Sunday that pinch my heart and make someone cut onions in front of me. During her preaching, Sis. Gretch shared their Christmas as a Family about 3 years ago. It was a pretty cold Christmas and it needs to be wrapped with the warmth of delicious Christmas eve dishes. While her husband and two little kids listen to their neighbor's reunion and smell those mouth-watering grills. 

She's on the kitchen busy, opening the packs and the noodles. She prepared the table and the rice. And you read it right, noodles. Not a spaghetti noodle but a Lucky Me noodles. And there's no leftover. 

It was a sad Christmas to hear. I even saw Sis. Gretch bursts into tears on stage but as I listen, I realized the truth and lies about life. Because our wallets will emptied at times and health is unstable. But truth is we can be happy and grateful at many things and NOT be grateful with anything. 

The Noodle story is about a heart's response to life. If we will be thankful for what we have or we will be ungrateful and ask everyone to lend you money for Noche Buena. 

Life is not that easy. There's no toggle for it's difficulty but. If we learn to be grateful and loving. Everything makes sense and simple. 


It's about Jesus!


Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I was aiming for a Legacy and I want to be Brave. But now, I just want to be Captivated. There's nothing more important than this relationship with Jesus. Because we can all leave something in this world, a legacy for instance. But what if trying to be remembered for something does not count in eternity. The one that we're aiming and worked for. 

We can all be brave for something, at something, in something. We can be a fearless fighter with a sword and a shield but at the end you still long for love. 

In 22 years of my existence. There's nothing more, nothing that I desire. But to feel the love and to be captivated by His presence. I just want to pull all the hatred, the anger and the flesh out of me and be alive in Christ. I'm longing for this love. A love that nothing can compare. No one can compete. I'm getting closer to this 'You-should-be-married-stage'. But I wanted still to be drowned in Him. I know I've been lacking in service, in passion and in love for Him but as for this moment. I'm doing my best to be closer to Him. 

Last Sunday, my friends asked me for my wish. Being asked by those kind of questions blanks me out. But I told them to visit my blog and later pull it back and tell them to read my 'site'. It was my runaway and it feels awkward. I wanted to hide somewhere. But I told them that I don't have a birthday wish. I don't want to 'use' my birthday to get something from someone. If I can work for it and pray for it. Then it was given to me. It's for me. If not. Then, it's not meant for me.

"I'm satisfied. Kasi kumpleto na?!" That's my semi-honest answer. Semi-honest because. I'm still far away from Him and there's no contentment with that. "wow, may girlfriend" someone shouts laughing. What If I told you that I actually have one. And she's from the future and we're getting closer. I guess I'm going to put it this way. I'm loved. What more can I ask for. Nothing in this world can fill our hearts but love. Yeah.

Thank You for the 22 years. :)

Your heart is beyond
Any emotion I can hold
Your love is stronger
Than any hurt I can feel

I see eternity
Surrounded in magnificence
Overwhelmed with Your holiness

I'm captivated by forever with You
All glory to Your majesty
Lord You are holy
I hold You high above

I'm carried by Your grace
I'll worship You always
You are my Emmanuel

And this is my prayer. To be know Him more. To love Him more and myself to be less so He can be magnified. 

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