21 and It's fading

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November 28, 2014

Today, I shamefully break the streak. I noticed that there's always a church gathering whenever my birthday is coming. It's either on a day before or the day itself. So many times, I celebrate my day in the church. Just like today, we have a Night of Worship that I failed to be a part of. I went to Starmall and Festival Mall to buy some stuff for the day to make my self look guapo, I stroll around the mall to fill this unknown emptiness. 

I feel sad for not knowing what I want and what to do. I don't feel that my day is approaching and it's not totally me. Because I have this tons of preparation for my birthday starting the 1st day of my birth month like planning what to do or blogging all day and all month long. I don't know why am I like this. 

I went home with this sadness that cannot be translated to tears. No, it can't be. And then, I put my bag down and the pack of the thing that I bought. I changed my clothes and feel nothing. A null and regrets starts flashing over me. Then I found myself on a nap.

I come up against the day. From late night to the next day. I received SMS and a party on my Facebook timeline. I know it finally came. Then I sleep. 'cause I have a date tomorrow with someone, important. 


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