Sunday, November 30, 2014

I woke up late, unlike my previous birthdays. I woke up at 9am with an alarm from my phone. I rushed into the bathroom and start preparing for my take off. As usual, Mom and Dad and my little brothers greeted me first. They asked for my plans though they already knew that I'm on a date for today.

Before leaving the house. People on the computer shop shouted at me singing the famous birthday song. I runaway without a response since I don't know how to. with them. I arrived at Starmall at 11am and starts walking around. After an hour I rode a bus on the way to Megamall. It should be on BGC, SM Aura or Bonifacio High Street but I witness this rain, so megamall. 

It feels like forevur when on the bus. I talk to the one of the most important person in my life. Sharing this little moment with me and lending me some influences that shape characters. Defensively saying about the gift that I'm not thinking for this moment 'cause It's not about me. It's about something else.

Talk after talk, and walk after walk. I know it's late for lunch and it's 3pm. Ordered some Chicken and rice with some vegetable and the lovely pizza. Starts praying for the food and for the day and finished everything in an hour. There's a 'keep the change' on the bill and then bid the farewell.

Starts losing the mind on the huge mall. Don't know what to do or where to go but.. The day continues. Thinking of a movie but end up in amusement to sing songs however there's no vacant cubicle. My head spins and circulated around the mall. It's not much of a birthday-day. You know, but it's something to be cherished. Specially, ending the day with this milk tea. Banana Milk Tea.

I start responding on some SMS. Thanking them for the greetings and exchanging teases. It's a lovely day. You don't know what I have here in my mind and my heart. I rode the bus going home. On a roadtrip wishing for someone that I can hold. Someone that will stay with me hand in hand.

It was the longest rode trip evur for a reason. Another weird thing to celebrate my day in a mall doing nothing. You may think that I'm this loner type and forevur alone guy. but believe me, I'm happy and contented. Because I got all I need. From the bag, to the books, to the poloshirt and from the love that He gave to me. His personal love for me. #ThankYouEDFjLKUIHaLKUJBHsAYSDLASKDH

The next day, there are tons of unlimited greetings from my friends at church. All my moms and dads and brothers and sisters around. Handshakes, hugs and waves. From pen and loombands. They're awesome. The worship. The preaching. The groupings. I felt. Love. There might be imperfection but look at the good things. Yeah. 

The service ends and I know I won a battle and a bet. I'm sooo happy. :)
I went home with an unexpected but familiar gift. Last year, Mom's friend gave me a cake. Today, same gift but different giver. #ThankYouMaila 
And mom and dad bought me the all time favorite spaghetti and pancit plus the other all time favorite, her very own caldereta. #ThankYouMamaAndDaddy

Well, some dreams and wishes do come true. And it escalated quickly. I didn't noticed it. And crack this one. Decode it all. Thank you sooo much Lord. :D


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