Wednesday, December 03, 2014

I was aiming for a Legacy and I want to be Brave. But now, I just want to be Captivated. There's nothing more important than this relationship with Jesus. Because we can all leave something in this world, a legacy for instance. But what if trying to be remembered for something does not count in eternity. The one that we're aiming and worked for. 

We can all be brave for something, at something, in something. We can be a fearless fighter with a sword and a shield but at the end you still long for love. 

In 22 years of my existence. There's nothing more, nothing that I desire. But to feel the love and to be captivated by His presence. I just want to pull all the hatred, the anger and the flesh out of me and be alive in Christ. I'm longing for this love. A love that nothing can compare. No one can compete. I'm getting closer to this 'You-should-be-married-stage'. But I wanted still to be drowned in Him. I know I've been lacking in service, in passion and in love for Him but as for this moment. I'm doing my best to be closer to Him. 

Last Sunday, my friends asked me for my wish. Being asked by those kind of questions blanks me out. But I told them to visit my blog and later pull it back and tell them to read my 'site'. It was my runaway and it feels awkward. I wanted to hide somewhere. But I told them that I don't have a birthday wish. I don't want to 'use' my birthday to get something from someone. If I can work for it and pray for it. Then it was given to me. It's for me. If not. Then, it's not meant for me.

"I'm satisfied. Kasi kumpleto na?!" That's my semi-honest answer. Semi-honest because. I'm still far away from Him and there's no contentment with that. "wow, may girlfriend" someone shouts laughing. What If I told you that I actually have one. And she's from the future and we're getting closer. I guess I'm going to put it this way. I'm loved. What more can I ask for. Nothing in this world can fill our hearts but love. Yeah.

Thank You for the 22 years. :)

Your heart is beyond
Any emotion I can hold
Your love is stronger
Than any hurt I can feel

I see eternity
Surrounded in magnificence
Overwhelmed with Your holiness

I'm captivated by forever with You
All glory to Your majesty
Lord You are holy
I hold You high above

I'm carried by Your grace
I'll worship You always
You are my Emmanuel

And this is my prayer. To be know Him more. To love Him more and myself to be less so He can be magnified. 

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