Hold My Hand

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sitting in front of you, with songs that surrounds 
On the ears of every that's excited 
An approached and a tiny box-shaped device 

Explored the files, trying to find out the meaning  
Watching it on the screen, I tried to find you. 
But I can't, along with the cut scenes
I saw your smile. Wearing yellow and then transformed into pink. 

I'm enjoying the view until.. 
He came. An interruption.  
My heart beats fast out of nerve. 
I want to collapse as I saw his hand reaches yours for a handshake. 

Is it real?! Stayed up to the end. 
Waiting for something more. 
Bearing the stir of motion while trying to act normal. 

I know I'm not feeling well. 
He received something that I dreamed of. 
To share hands with her. 
I know I would cry. 
I know I don't worth it. 
And still I long for. 


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