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Monday, December 08, 2014

Me and my brother, Israel went to Pioneer last Tuesday for his Job Offer at Accenture. About an hour in the bus. We reached the Robinson's Forum where the Office is located. At exactly 1pm he entered the office and I'm lost forevur in the mall. I checked Victory Pioneer which is extremely elegant, I wonder what's inside. Then, I went downstairs from 3rd floor to the ground floor. I bought a DQ ice cream and I explore more. I checked out some Lumia Phones and Cases and PC stuffs.  

I also went inside Robinsons Department. Check some clothes and stuffs. I went upstairs hoping for the end. But neh. It's only an hour. I went to the ground floor and find a seat so I can play games on my phone. Luckily, I found one. Thank God. 

I played Asphalt 8 and One Piece while sending messages to my loves forevurmore. I started to get bored though there's a plug in my ears for music. I went back upstairs and read a book at National Bookstore. I picked some short books that I can read. I end up with Bo Sanchez' Conspiracy theory. It was a very short yet inspiring book. Full of stories, comedy and it will 'cause you a smile.  

I finished the book with worries that guards will surround me and ask me to pay for every book that I read. But I guess no one's watching me.  It was a satisfaction that flows in my veins and a pain on my legs after reading the book. 

I opened my phone for some messages. It's already 5pm and I don't feel any good anymore. I played at Tom's World and lose at this challenger from Tekken 5. And It's 6pm. I bought potato corner's fries. And sat at the nearest available seat and eat the fries like no ones watching. 

My brother is finally free! We ate at Mang Inasal while he's telling me a story during my almost 6 hours of waiting. I simply express my suffering as he overtake and express his excitement.  

It was a day. He's happy. And I'm happy for him. For he said that he will make bawiHahaha. 

Favor and protection. It was really a day. We went home with our stomachs wants to burst because of fullness.


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