KKB's 25th Anniversary

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last December 17, I'm with Charlie and we went to a special gathering for Church Youth Coordinators(CYC) and Area Youth Coordinators (AYC) at the newly opened JIL St. Francis Square.

It was an adventure for us, specially in finding the place and we were early birds, look at the picture below. Kuya Bernard, Ate Deth and Pastora Cora approached us upon arriving.

The place is incredible. It was cold, it's comforting. The party starts with adoration to God and later we have Fearless Acts where they challenge or requested KKBs to showcase their talents. Later, we have trivia games like Truth and Bluffs and also the group to 8 which is hosted by Sec. Joel Villanueva and gave away cash.

And there was this raffle. For a flat screen TV. Undeniably, most of us were hoping to have a brand new TV. A CYC won from cavite. :)
Before ending the day, Sec. Joel shared some insights and inspiration for us. Then we have a groupie in the end. 

//KKB@25 //sebajisoka

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