Shaggy Christmas

Saturday, December 06, 2014

I heard a story last Sunday that pinch my heart and make someone cut onions in front of me. During her preaching, Sis. Gretch shared their Christmas as a Family about 3 years ago. It was a pretty cold Christmas and it needs to be wrapped with the warmth of delicious Christmas eve dishes. While her husband and two little kids listen to their neighbor's reunion and smell those mouth-watering grills. 

She's on the kitchen busy, opening the packs and the noodles. She prepared the table and the rice. And you read it right, noodles. Not a spaghetti noodle but a Lucky Me noodles. And there's no leftover. 

It was a sad Christmas to hear. I even saw Sis. Gretch bursts into tears on stage but as I listen, I realized the truth and lies about life. Because our wallets will emptied at times and health is unstable. But truth is we can be happy and grateful at many things and NOT be grateful with anything. 

The Noodle story is about a heart's response to life. If we will be thankful for what we have or we will be ungrateful and ask everyone to lend you money for Noche Buena. 

Life is not that easy. There's no toggle for it's difficulty but. If we learn to be grateful and loving. Everything makes sense and simple. 


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