The Picture Frame

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I may be the corniest man you know after sharing this. Posting some of my thoughts in public that I know I'll be shameful of. And you might tease me at some point but let me share it. 

I found this old-wooden-varnished-heart-shape-with-flowers-picture-frame in our home few years back. It's not that old. Maybe 10 years? I'm not sure but upon seeing it again, there's no picture attached within it (Previously it was my family's picture). So, I took the frame and clean it. It was an unsuccessful cleaning somehow. But I found interest with this picture frame and with some crazy imaginations. I come up with this.. Uhm. Goal? Target? Deal? Challenge?:

That the next picture here would be, my first girlfriend. Oops. It sounds like there will be second? Third? Neeehh. What I mean is, it should be 'our' picture together. That once I attached the picture in, there will be no turning back, no backing out, that the only way is forward and forevur.

It's like a together-forevur picture frame.
Once, I put our picture, we'll end up together in real life.

And, it's so soon. There will be a fulfillment. After all this time. It will be filled up. After times of being empty, now it'll never be lonely. 'cause our picture will be framed-forevur in this picture frame that is filled with hope and prayer.

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