The Youth Summit 2014: Fearless

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

It's been 2 years after the previous summit entitled "Extreme". Now, the KKB/CYN came back becoming "Fearless". This Youth Summit is different among the others, why? Because it became a series of summits from different parts of the world. Canada, Italy and many more. Here in the Philippines is the culmination of this year's summit. 

As I believe the theme verse for this year's Youth Summit can be spotted on the book of Psalm, Chapter 23 verse 4 which says "Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me." It magnifies Fearlessness and confidence on our stand with the Lord.

The Youth Summit starts with Epic special numbers and we call it Fearless Act.

Awesome beat for awesome dance steps

And we call this Fearless.

We have great list of speakers for the historic 2-day summit:

So, let's start the sessions:

Bro. Eddie is our first speaker. Usually, Bro. Eddie ends the Youth Summit, but not this year. He opens it and he talks about his assignment entitled: Fearless People Fear God. He talks about couple of bible characters, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, how they are fearless of king Nebuchadnezzar.

On the second session, The president of the Victory Ministers' Association of Manila and serves in a prophetic role on Every Nation's International Apostolic Team, Manny Carlos talks about Fearless people know their purpose. And he talks about Jeremiah as an example. 

For the third and last session for day one. Our very own. KKB Chairman, TESDA Director General, Sec. Joel Villanueva hits the floor and proclaim God's goodness through his talk about the Fearless Ways of Conquering the Impossible.

Ate Leslie, Kuya Jade and Kuya Bernard host the event. They were so funny and entertaining. Kuya Bernard also taught us a dance craze. The KKB/CYN Clap Shake. We also did the famous KKB Wave. 

The winner of Fearless Act. A rap performance.

Of course the YouthTube, now KKBtv. Hosted by the hosts kuya Jade, kuya Bernard, ate leslie with Kuya Patrick and Ate Joyce.

That's all for the first day of the Youth Summit 2014: Fearless.

Here's the link from KKB Movement Facebook page, and also a video recap for day 1.
Post by KKB Movement.

Day 2 has big speakers. The President of the republic of the Philippines. President Benigno S. Aquino III. Everyone is attentive, laughing at the president's humor and agreing with the thoughts he shared with us. He warns the youth about the usage of the internet and selfies, clash of clans and Dota. I appreciate him as our president. I know he's doing his best to do his job, di lang basta salita. I remember when he told us in the question and answer portion that his generation is doing their job for our country so that the succeeding generation won't have the same problem as we have currently.

Yes. We were warned about selfies but Martin Ceralde of CYN Toronto, Canada asked Pnoy for a selfie. PNoy refuse at first because he has lots of appointments that day but before he leaves. There's a selfie

The actual selfie from Martin's phone.

Second session for day 2 is our very own. CYN Internation Director Ptra. Jovi Villanueva-Binalla for the topic Fearless People go Glocal. Global and Local.

3rd Session, we have Cecilio Pedro, the founder of Happee Toothpaste. He shared miracles after miracles in his business as he talks about Fearless in Business. 

4th session, Mr. Toni Meloto, the founder of Gawad Kalinga, as he challenge us to be invest for tomorrow. To live for others and with other people. He shared his vision with us regards the projects that he leads. 

Session after session, we have a guest, Maris Racal, The Runner-up, Pinoy Big Brother All in. As she sang Today my life begin by Bruno Mars and Hosanna by Hillsong United.

We have breaks and special numbers. And we're on our last session. The Fearless Church by the Director of Bro. Eddie School of Ministry (BESMI) and the current Pastor of JIL Greenhills, Rev. Joey Crisostomo. He introduce the enemy of the church. Our enemy. Then came back with the knowledge of our authority in Christ. Our stand. And depending on the Holy Spirit.

What moves me in his preaching is when he asked us when was the last time we talk to the Holy Spirit and told Him that we love Him. And he starts singing Come Holy Spirit, fall on me now, I need Your anointing come with Your power, I love You Holy Spirit.  And we starts shouting and crying and groaning. At that moment. We were being filled by the Spirit and it was my loudest groan, my loudest cry and I don't care about what others may think of me or what do I look like. Because I'm being filled and it's better in His presence. I don't want to let this go. Up to now, I still have goosebumps. My heart is tearing up and my eyes wants to cry.

The Best is approaching. The fire has been refueled and our hearts has been refined. We know our Destiny for this One Generation that is a Breakthrough Generation. Our passion is ready to be spread like Wildfire. We are Unstoppable. We are Extreme. and now, We are FEARLESS.


This is a clip that I took walking down the stairs, going out of the coliseum.

Ole, ole, ole. One way, Jesus. The Clapshake. 
It's our joy oh Lord. We are Fearleeeeeeeeeeeesss! :D



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