Workers Christmas Party

Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Christmas Party of JIL Norfil's Workers is epic. It was fun and crazy, full of gifts and a party for Jesus. There's dancing and singing, there's laughing and eating. All in all it's full of joy.

The first game is by group, singing songs of Christmas. First, the host will point a team that will sing any Christmas song, then to another, the goal is to think more and more christmas songs than others. If you don't have a song you're eliminated, if you repeat a song, you are eliminated. The singing goes on and Team Music won.

There's also the classics like pass-the-dalandan-through-leeg and the undying, bring me. And there's something memorable about the bring me. Bring me a beautiful girl. Then there's a bunch of girls in front. Pastora has an idea to have an on the spot pageant. It was craaazzy and I can't stop laughing and crying at the same time.

Later, the boys is in the house. Charlie, Aries and I. Prepared for it and we runaway. But we have some goodlooking man of God in front! XD

We have raffles and exchange gifts. It was indeedly fun. 


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