1st Month

Saturday, January 31, 2015

This is the last day of the first month of the 2015. And I heard somewhere that most new year resolutions doesn't last up to February. It is because New needs to fit with something new. You know, It's not a new year anymore, it's just another year.

Well, I have done some goals for each day which I don't want to call a resolution but I have no choice because it's really a resolution. I remember Bo Sanchez during an interview on ANC's Headstart with Karen Davilla, he said that our decisions were based on emotions. Every dicision is based on emotions and we then add some logical things to support that emotion-based-dicision. I'm just sharing this because of my daily - weekly - monthly and yearly goal and to be honest some goals. I failed but it doesn't mean I'll stop.

Here are the goals that I achieve and almost achieved:

  • 4 Blogs per week - 16 Blogs per month. (And this is the 16th blog! yey me!)
  • 8 Glasses of water everyday
  • Daily - Written - Devotion
  • 10 Jumping Ropes and Sit-ups. (Additional 10 more per day. Current Record: 240)
  • Read a book
  • Listen to a preaching everyday
  • Design and Edit Pictures using Photoshop
  • Create a Video on Premiere/After Effects
  • Less fat foods

Things that I failed at:

  • Wake up at 7am
  • Write a Novel
  • Practice a speech
  • Write a Teaching/Preaching type of devotion

Well, I might add some goals this February. I'm having tons of ideas. Yeah! Pray for me! :)


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Inspiration Effect

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I watched a video entitled Inspiration by Jake Roper, the man behind Vsauce3, and it amazed me as he blabber some of his thoughts about inspiration. It got me thinking about it. And I have this question in my head..

How does inspiration affects your actions?!

When we're inspired. We do crazy art and catchy songs. When we're inspired, we create things, we put some effort, we're happy and results are always.. The best of us. 

Because a part of us has been peeled and has been fused with our creation and It makes us who we are, it represent us to those who seen or heard or read your masterpiece. Because we have an inspiration that pushes us to do something big, something glorious, something that we call 'mine'.

Laaavaaa Laaamp


It's about Jesus!

Little Girl

Saturday, January 31, 2015

There's this little girl in our neighborhood that is so cute and somehow annoying. She's so Daddy's girl. Whenever we didn't agree to what she wants, she will rant "Isusumbong kita sa Daddy ko!" It scares me at some point because I'm guilty in disagreement with her wants.

As she often say that and as I was reading this Captivating by Stasi and John Eldredge, I realized the kind of relationship she has with her father. She knows her standing, she knows her Daddy. She knows what he can do and she just have to say the endearment, sure she has his father's hand.

Same with our Heavenly Dad. Do you know your standing? Do you know him? Do you know what he can do for you? Do you call on his name whenever there's something unpleasant happen?

This is the kind of relationship we need with our Big Daddy in Heaven.


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Let's Write

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tonight, I'm a writer. And I'm writing from deep inside of me. Using those sweet but weird nerve that tangles my heart into the end of it. Simply because I love the way it is. The way that the sun spread light to the sky that makes it blue. And it amazes me that the night makes me, as well, blue. Because emotion that can stir in each one of us making us united. United as a band, a band that bonds us together for one cause. For one desire that we know it's worth fighting for. 

Because I love how you play a trick on my mind.  How you make me feel in awe. For you make my mind blow. As your heart glows in the darkest night of all. As you pick up the broken pieces of the glass that you break. No one noticed the brokenness. It's nothing obviuos of your hiding. And yeah, it's amazing.

Please wave at me. I'm starving for this attention from you. Whenever you ignore me it breaks me. We can't turn back time. But this time is sacred, for everything is falling into the right place at this perfect time and nothing can put a flame in the middle that no one can pass.

Because you spill it all out. The blood and the guts. With the thoughts on a blank page and the heart on the pen. Shaking the massive walls for your dreams. Nothing can stop you. Believe me, you make my head shake and my eyes wide open. 

I don't know what else to say but tonight, I'm a writer. 


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Career Choice

Friday, January 30, 2015

Pwew. I'm stucked. Blames all over me and I don't know where to start again. To start all over again. I quit my job last year and I still have no job today. What a mess. I tried planning for future like what career and what I wanted to do. Well, all requires a degree. 2 years in college with this semi-popular course will bring me nowhere to my dreams. I think?!

I tried call center. I didn't love it. I pull up as many as information and deals that I can get but sorry, money is not the reason for this career choice of mine. Some thinks it's selfishness, but I don't want to spend my life to the job that I don't absolutely love. I don't want to be stuck in the career that is away from my purpose. 

It got me lazy. No job. Always at home. Poor. 

I tried sponsorship. Bringing ads to my site for some income. Because as you know. I want to be a writer and a businessman. What does it take then?!

I need some help. 



Wala na si lola.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Wala na ang lola ko. Ang paborito kong lola. Iniwan na niya kami. Ang sakit lang kasi siya 'yung takbuhan ko pagpinapagalitan ako ng magulang ko. Kampi siya sa'kin palagi eh. Mahal na mahal niya 'ko. Kaso wala na. Namaalam na siya. Wala na kong lolang matatakbuhan pagpinapalo ako nila mama o pagwala akong pambili ng kendi.

'yung sandalan ko. Paalam lola. Miss na miss na po kita. Pero alam ko namang masaya ka jan sa langit kapiling ang mga anghel at syempre si Lord.

Ilang taon na ang nakalipas nang mawala ang lola ko. Pero sino nga ba ang may sala? Ang alam kong mga akusado sa pagkamatay ni lola ay ang mga sumusunod:

Si Lolo
Nagbebenta ng Sigarilyo
Gumagawa ng Sigarilyo

Lasenggero kasi si Lolo nung nabubuhay pa siya. Tumigil lang siya sa pagyosi at paginom nung nakaratay na siya't may nararamdaman, siya rin mismo ay nagkaroon ng Cancer na pati ang Lola ko ay nagkaron. Siguro masasabi kong sa pagsasama ng  Lolo't Lola ko eh, 'yung usok na nalalanghap ni lola ang nagdulot sa kanya na magkaron nitong cancer.

Ayoko ng manisi ng kung sino sino pero ang sarap lang isip. 'yung thought na..They stick together 'til their last breath, na higit 'yung pag-ibig nila kesa sa bisyo at anumang pisikal ng karamdaman, na kahit alam ni Lolang hindi mabuti ang alak o paninigarilyo sa kalusugan nila,at 'yung katotohanang mahirap pigilan ang bisyo eh, hindi pa rin sila naghiwalay at tiniis ang mga negatibong bagay hanggang sa huli.

Ganun ba talaga ang pag-ibig?



I Gave Blood v.2

Monday, January 19, 2015

Last Saturday, I donate another bag of my blood, the last time I donated my blood is last October 2012. It's for Cyrus, MJ and Camille's nephew/niece. 

But this time, I donated my blood to Sis. Arlene Balajadia, Wife of Bro. Rudy and mother of our fellow KKBs before, Kuya RD, Ate Roda and Rolinda. And they need prayers for their Mom. I'm with kuya Eko when I donated my blood because, Camille and Karl doesn't have any ID to start with. A valid ID is required for donating blood in OsMun.

So, I lay there in the bed and I let a portion of my blood flows through. Since it's my second time, I'm not afraid to look at those needle, I just kinda want to feel the pain. I don't know. Well, It feels good to somehow, as pastora said, 'Extend' someone's life. You know that you have a part. Though I don't have tons of money to offer but still with my blood. I can help.

After the blood donation, we ate lunch at Festival Mall. And we also meet Karl and Camille (where they have a challenge to evangelize) and later we're together with Pastora and sis. elvie. We ate at Odd balls. I was blessed through the life of Camille as she's successfully shared the gospel to a woman and had a prayer of acceptance.

Before we leave, I had a time with Karl, Camille and Kuya Eko at Riverpark and we stopped by at DQ before going home.

Before we end the day, I had this conversation with Camille. She shared about a secret, a one sensitive secret. 





Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lahat tayo nakaranas na. Ang panghihinayang. Sayang. Hindi na maibabalik, hindi na mababago. May mga bagay talaga na akala natin noon eh okay lang at may time pa pero, ang hindi natin alam. Balaligtaran pala. Hindi na okay, wala ng time. Huli na ng subukan, sayang.

Ngayon, may pinanghihinayangan ako. Sayang.
Nasisisi ako, napapagalitan. Sayang.
May oras na nawala, panahong walang produkto. Sayang.

Wala na. Guilty na ko. May magagawa pa ba ako?
Sayang no?! Panahon, Oras, Pera, Lakas. Sayang.


The Hard Fall

The Hard Fall presents: Epic

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A glorious scene that encapsulates the waiting
for just a thought, it makes me weep
Tears that runs through the cheeks
You know, it will never expire

The affection that you utter

And the warmth of your love
Oh, what a sensation it is
And no one take this away

An introduction, and the afterword

The chapters in between
Even statement that can't relate
Every story that cannot be expressed

In one thing we share

In the simplicity of endearments
and the collide of the sentiments
Full of mystery and delight

Just like the song in our hearts

It's wonderful, it's remarkable
Just like the stars in the sky
It's astounding, It's elegant 

And the fire that covers our eyes
will flow with the passion in our hearts
and there will come a day
where the accuracy and the phase clash

As the sun will shine or the moon will rise

In the end of the interval 
And the start of the developed intimacy
The climax of the story 
And the culmination of waiting

My words ran out and the feeling stays in

Just like today, tonight..
All I know, that when we're in the point of it all
It would be..



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I'm a dancer

Friday, January 09, 2015

One day, I was with new friends, I slowly learning and knowing something about them by listening. Their passions and their backgrounds. I remember him, he's a nurse and a dancer in their province. I want to interrupt and express our relation. I'm a dancer too, one of the dancer, back then, in our church. Then, I realized that I'm not. I'm a worshipper and when it come to dancing. I'm not good. I don't have the groove. So, I keep the what I thought a 'relation' to myself.

It saddens me whenever I remember that. Why?! I wanted to tell them that I dance in church. And when the time came they see me dance and they might categorize it as awful. I can tell them, the reason..

The church seeks for dancers, in the congregation, in the community, they found many but not willing but they found worshippers. 

Ain't dancing for nothing.


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Sense of worth

Friday, January 09, 2015

There's this point again in time where I'm senseless. Worthless. My value was gone, once more. Because, for some, money gives you worth. If you earn more, it means you are more valueable. 

I remember when I was hated. I was a shame. I was pathetic.
Then, I start earning money. 
I am loved. I'm admirable. I'm a king.

There's something wrong. There must be something wrong. There's no support nor help or I just don't understand the situation. I heard them talking, it cuts so deep. It weakens me. They make me feel like I'm a failure or maybe I'm a failure after all. 

Maybe It's time to stop working on things because it's gonna fail.
Maybe it's time to stop dreaming because it's gonna fail.
Maybe it's time to wake up and accept the fact that I'm a failure.

Maybe it's time to say  goodbye.

Me: Not gonna happen.


All about her


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

I tried beating him, making myself much more memorable than him.
To be better. Yes. I'm competing.

Then, I realized that there's no need to.
It's not about who has a bigger Stuff Toy,
It's about the thought and the consistency of the feeling.
It's not about who fade away,
It's about who stayed.
It's not about who wait and let go,
It's about who stay and wait. 
It's not about who loved,
It's about who's flaming and who's not giving up.

Well, I'm proud. 

It's being pulled up together from a unidentified brokenness.
And it will be worth the wait. I knew it.



hardin ng mga bituin


Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Ang sarap talaga tumambay dito, kitang kita mo 'yung kalawakan, 'yung buwan at ang mga bituin, may bonus pa sa napakagandang view, walang ingay ng mga sasakyan at sabay-sabay na ingay ng mga tao ang maririnig. Puro hangin at paghinga mo lang talaga. Puwera nalang kung may makakasama ka.

Ang daming pumapasok sa isip ko pag nandito ako, sobrang nakakarelax kasi. Parang isang 'break' sa busy nating buhay. Ang dami kong tanong sa mundo. Gusto ko ngang pumunta sa future, baka sakaling may alam na silang sagot sa mga tanong ko ngayon. 

Palusot pa ko, eh ang gusto ko lang naman gawin sa future eh, alamin 'yung buhay ko. Kung anong trabaho ko, san ako nakatira at sino ang naging asawa ko. HAHA! Oo, 'yun ang gusto kong gawin.

Anu ba yan, kung ano-ano, naiisip ko. Alas-otso na pala. Sakto, sabi kasi sa balita may meteor shower daw ngayon. Maabangan nga't makapagwish ng madami. 

Star, my star. Why are you so beautiful?
If I'll spend more time waiting for you
it wouldn't bother me, 'cause I know
I know that you're worth the wait

It may 'cause some pain, but waiting is a virtue and pain is gain
Just watching you satisfy me, you captured this eyes
and it won't look away, you have me now,
'cayse you are my star, a star made specially for me.

Photo Credit: Hacinth.


School Allies

VDM 2k15

Monday, January 05, 2015

January 2, 2k15 means VDM get together again. Because, after years of planning over Facebook, my long lost friends finally make it happen. A day for us and with us.
We, first met at Festival Mall. Those missed high-fives and laughs is here again. We scattered around the mall to find a place to eat.

We end up at KFC in South Station. Yes. We walk, all the way to South Station just to eat. There's money drop and a time to catch up. I was interviewed about my love life. I cannot deny no more to them. So, I answered their questions one by one. Well, binata na ko eh. XD

We're not complete. There's no Jhet nor Angel for some reason. So, only the five of us. Teasing and having fun. Another great way to start the year. We ordered 1 Bucket meal and we add some additional drink and rice and tons of saucy gravy. We ate while telling stories while taking pictures. We're so full when we went back to Festival Mall to have some time at Karaoke. For this is our bonding:

After the Karaoke time, we walk around to this wonderful park (and took pictures and record videos.). The Festival's Riverpark:

And then, we went home. It's a long day of walking and talking. Cheers! Thanks VDM.



Selfies and Throwback

Thursday, January 01, 2015

My 2014 flew so fast and it seems like I just posted my Hashtag Throwback entry. I can't believe I'll be posting another throwback. Anyway, here it is, Selfies and Throwback:

New Year Gala with my brother, from Casauay's, Rivera's and Leal's/Flores'. 

*I don't have a picture but here's the training picture. This BIG Changes will surely be a part of my 2014 highlight. When I was FINALLY hired as a Technical Support Representative in Harte-Hanks for MLB.com. It's a great journey though. I met some friends, fellow Christians and those big bosses.
Bonifacio High Street Discovery. 

*Watched: Starting Over Again Starring Toni Gonzaga and Piolo Pascual at SM Muntinlupa with Hacinth, Jaime, Joy and Jasmin. 
JIL at 36.
Market Market Gala and Sayaw-sayaw. 

Ice Skating at SM Megamall
Post Valentine in the Office. All Red. 
*Valentine's Date at SM Aura Premiere, KFC and Chatime, with White Rose and Stuff toy. ♥

True love waits seminar with Kuya Marlon and Ate Joan.
McDonald's Fries and Sundae with my new found friends. 
Starbucks with Eszpren. ♥
Shakey's in a Sunday morning with my selfielord friends Edgar and Tiff. 

Aries' Birthday treat
Enjoying the moment at Enchanted Kingdom with my TFs.
NTE moments with my lovely officemates Jonacles and Penguin Angel. XD

NTE Moments part 2. XD

Pansol Team Building with Team Pat
From Tier 1 to Tier 2, now SMEs.
Dahilan ng 'king pagtaba. :|

Ferrero Sunday at Sunken Garden. ♥

Of Course, Daily Vacation Bible School. :)
An achievement, Top Agent for April with 5k incentive and 500 worth of SM Gift check. 
Majayjay with my JIL Norfil Family

Countless dates with this pretty girl at Chatime at kung saan-saan. ♥

Bay Decorations and other events in the Office. This is Maiqui, one of Tropang Flex, cosplayer and I love her hair. XD
Funny moments in the office. #TulogPaMore
We watch #TFIOS at SM Aura. I think it's on the first week of showing. ♥
ATI - ATI for the win with Team Pat. with Bien and TC Pat.
Another Movie date at ATC, we watched #SDTG. ♥
With permission: I read a journal. ♥
MOA Eye moment. ♥

Hillsong United Live in Manila

Hazel's Birthday treat.
The Manila International Book Fair. ♥

Saved Festival 2014 ft. Victory Worship, Esterlyn, Francis Chan and Israle Houghton!
Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide's 36 year anniversary: Peace

Chowking's Happy Pao. ♥

Hannah Joy's Birthday Treat!

Chatime during my birthday at SM Megamall. ♥
 The Youth Summit 2014: Fearless!

Youth Summit Aftershock clips:

JIL Norfil's 24th Year Anniversary.
JIL Norfil Worker's Christmas Party.
Ayala Triangle | Enchanting Lights and Sounds. ♥

Probably, that sums up my 2014. Colorful, wonderful. Full of unexpected things and it's lovely. There's alot to cherish for this year. I didn't mention the things that I acquire and my heart this year. The bucket list, the plans, the books and inspirations. The ups and downs. The laughs and cry. They are all in this year.

And there you have it, Selfies and Throwback. ♥


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