I Gave Blood v.2

Monday, January 19, 2015

Last Saturday, I donate another bag of my blood, the last time I donated my blood is last October 2012. It's for Cyrus, MJ and Camille's nephew/niece. 

But this time, I donated my blood to Sis. Arlene Balajadia, Wife of Bro. Rudy and mother of our fellow KKBs before, Kuya RD, Ate Roda and Rolinda. And they need prayers for their Mom. I'm with kuya Eko when I donated my blood because, Camille and Karl doesn't have any ID to start with. A valid ID is required for donating blood in OsMun.

So, I lay there in the bed and I let a portion of my blood flows through. Since it's my second time, I'm not afraid to look at those needle, I just kinda want to feel the pain. I don't know. Well, It feels good to somehow, as pastora said, 'Extend' someone's life. You know that you have a part. Though I don't have tons of money to offer but still with my blood. I can help.

After the blood donation, we ate lunch at Festival Mall. And we also meet Karl and Camille (where they have a challenge to evangelize) and later we're together with Pastora and sis. elvie. We ate at Odd balls. I was blessed through the life of Camille as she's successfully shared the gospel to a woman and had a prayer of acceptance.

Before we leave, I had a time with Karl, Camille and Kuya Eko at Riverpark and we stopped by at DQ before going home.

Before we end the day, I had this conversation with Camille. She shared about a secret, a one sensitive secret. 



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