I'm a dancer

Friday, January 09, 2015

One day, I was with new friends, I slowly learning and knowing something about them by listening. Their passions and their backgrounds. I remember him, he's a nurse and a dancer in their province. I want to interrupt and express our relation. I'm a dancer too, one of the dancer, back then, in our church. Then, I realized that I'm not. I'm a worshipper and when it come to dancing. I'm not good. I don't have the groove. So, I keep the what I thought a 'relation' to myself.

It saddens me whenever I remember that. Why?! I wanted to tell them that I dance in church. And when the time came they see me dance and they might categorize it as awful. I can tell them, the reason..

The church seeks for dancers, in the congregation, in the community, they found many but not willing but they found worshippers. 

Ain't dancing for nothing.


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