Inspiration Effect

Saturday, January 31, 2015

I watched a video entitled Inspiration by Jake Roper, the man behind Vsauce3, and it amazed me as he blabber some of his thoughts about inspiration. It got me thinking about it. And I have this question in my head..

How does inspiration affects your actions?!

When we're inspired. We do crazy art and catchy songs. When we're inspired, we create things, we put some effort, we're happy and results are always.. The best of us. 

Because a part of us has been peeled and has been fused with our creation and It makes us who we are, it represent us to those who seen or heard or read your masterpiece. Because we have an inspiration that pushes us to do something big, something glorious, something that we call 'mine'.

Laaavaaa Laaamp


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