Let's Write

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tonight, I'm a writer. And I'm writing from deep inside of me. Using those sweet but weird nerve that tangles my heart into the end of it. Simply because I love the way it is. The way that the sun spread light to the sky that makes it blue. And it amazes me that the night makes me, as well, blue. Because emotion that can stir in each one of us making us united. United as a band, a band that bonds us together for one cause. For one desire that we know it's worth fighting for. 

Because I love how you play a trick on my mind.  How you make me feel in awe. For you make my mind blow. As your heart glows in the darkest night of all. As you pick up the broken pieces of the glass that you break. No one noticed the brokenness. It's nothing obviuos of your hiding. And yeah, it's amazing.

Please wave at me. I'm starving for this attention from you. Whenever you ignore me it breaks me. We can't turn back time. But this time is sacred, for everything is falling into the right place at this perfect time and nothing can put a flame in the middle that no one can pass.

Because you spill it all out. The blood and the guts. With the thoughts on a blank page and the heart on the pen. Shaking the massive walls for your dreams. Nothing can stop you. Believe me, you make my head shake and my eyes wide open. 

I don't know what else to say but tonight, I'm a writer. 


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