Sense of worth

Friday, January 09, 2015

There's this point again in time where I'm senseless. Worthless. My value was gone, once more. Because, for some, money gives you worth. If you earn more, it means you are more valueable. 

I remember when I was hated. I was a shame. I was pathetic.
Then, I start earning money. 
I am loved. I'm admirable. I'm a king.

There's something wrong. There must be something wrong. There's no support nor help or I just don't understand the situation. I heard them talking, it cuts so deep. It weakens me. They make me feel like I'm a failure or maybe I'm a failure after all. 

Maybe It's time to stop working on things because it's gonna fail.
Maybe it's time to stop dreaming because it's gonna fail.
Maybe it's time to wake up and accept the fact that I'm a failure.

Maybe it's time to say  goodbye.

Me: Not gonna happen.


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