The Hard Fall presents: Epic

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A glorious scene that encapsulates the waiting
for just a thought, it makes me weep
Tears that runs through the cheeks
You know, it will never expire

The affection that you utter

And the warmth of your love
Oh, what a sensation it is
And no one take this away

An introduction, and the afterword

The chapters in between
Even statement that can't relate
Every story that cannot be expressed

In one thing we share

In the simplicity of endearments
and the collide of the sentiments
Full of mystery and delight

Just like the song in our hearts

It's wonderful, it's remarkable
Just like the stars in the sky
It's astounding, It's elegant 

And the fire that covers our eyes
will flow with the passion in our hearts
and there will come a day
where the accuracy and the phase clash

As the sun will shine or the moon will rise

In the end of the interval 
And the start of the developed intimacy
The climax of the story 
And the culmination of waiting

My words ran out and the feeling stays in

Just like today, tonight..
All I know, that when we're in the point of it all
It would be..



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